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RYRA (Rock Your Repaired Amp) Pedals is a small botique company building both Pedals and Custom Made T-Style and S-Style guitars and is located in Wellington, TX. The owner of the company, Shane Logan, says " (The RYRA Klone) is a meticulously crafted replica of the infamous "transparent" overdrive pedal. It is painstakingly crafted using the absolute best components with a deep devotion to perfection. This recreation of the through-hole constructed overdrive pedal, now out of production, is known for its big, 3D, open sound that cuts right through the mix. This is a pedal for players who don’t typically like pedals".

The RYRA Klone comes in various colors like Gold, Silver, Purple and pictured below (Surf Green). The company also has options for colored knobs (Black, White or Ox-Blood) and they also do custom engraving. For more information on this pedal, go to :https://theklonepedal.com/content/klone-pedal



Here's a great video by Pete Thorn providing some examples of how versatile the RYRA Klone actually is:

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Pros: Great Klon Klone build and Powder Coat finish, sounds as close to an authentic Klon as I've ever heard, it can be customized (case colors/knob colors and custom engraving) and the owner of RYRA (Shane Logan) is a great guy!
Cons: Lack of a Battery Holder so the 9V battery may slightly wiggle around. Not a Molded Case like the real deal (but that saves a tone of $$ on manufacturing).
I've been a pedal junkie all my life. The only thing that kept me from buying the pedals I wanted is that when I was 14, I was on an allowance (and had a part time job) that took me 6 months of saving just to by a $59 DOD Distortion pedal back in 1975. Things have fortuantley changed for me since then:)

So here it is, many years later (circa 2000) or so, and a friend of mine had a pedal that was absolutely outstanding to my ears. (It had apparently been in production since 1994). But once I heard it, I knew I had to have one. While I was very hesitant to drop $329 on a Boost/OD pedal by someone I had never heard of (Bill Finnegan), I did. Little did I know what would eventually follow next; The Klone Wars.

So flash forward to the past 9+ years after the original style Klon started to become "Unobtainium" and then I was on my quest for a giggable Klone. Then in February of this year I found "THE" Klone; The RYRA Klone". So here's my take on the RYRA Klone:

1) As I already mentioned, I had just discovered ithe RYRA within the past year as the other guitar player in my band (a guy known to be as picky as a 3 y/o with it's food and who has an extensive Pro background as a Studio/Touring Musician and Sound Engineer) showed up to a gig with the RYRA. He said "Hey....you've really got to check this out". Then he plugged in to his beautiful Victory Amp and "whammo".....I was sold.

2) The pedal junkie in me had already owned some great Klones over the past 7+ years like the Tumnus, Bondi "Sick As" V2, The Archer, Bill F's V2 Klon and several others. While each did their own thing, for me the RYRA became that pedal that could be an "always on" device. If truly "Fattened" my Single Coil Sound (it loves Tele's & Strat's) and it was just perfect with either Mini or Full sized Humbuckers in my Gibson guitars. It worked just like a real Klon in that it sounded like a cranked up Twin Reverb at stage volumes, or I could set my amp on the edge of breakup, boost the RYRA's Output and Gain, and I could send my tube amp into harmonic distortion heaven.

3) The layout of the RYRA is just like an authentic Klon (but in a smaller CU-123-G/BUD enclosure) and it has the familiar Gain, Treble, Output control layout like a Klon (it even has the same original style KLON knobs). The LED bright light is just to the bottom left of the Gain control, and best of all, in a Side by Side test with my Silver Klon, it did all the same things except to my ears had just a bit better sparkle thatn my Klon or my other Klones I had when used as a pure Clean Boost. I formally used to use an Exotic EP Boost as an "Always On" EQ to obtain that sparkle, but I don't need the EP now that I have the RYRA.

4) One great part of the RYRA is that it comes in a wide variety of Powder Coated Colors (Silver, Gold, Surf Green, Purple and other colors), three different Knob colors of knobs (White, Black or Oxblood) or you can even have it engraved (there's extra costs for engraving). That's something nobody else offers as far as I know. And for $189, it won't break the bank. And for just $89 over a new Tube Screamer price, what you get will be a pedal that has the KLON DNA all wrapped up in a package that could easily become your "Go To" Boost/Overdrive. My favorite setting for a clean boost (especailly playing leads on CCR songs is with the Gain at 9:00, Treble at Noon and Output on 2:00 (Just about 3 dB louder that my clean tone) so the clean leads POP out fo the mix.

I hope that if they make a V2 that it comes with a battery holder. I didn't like the battery moving around, so I fixed that by using my Strat Trem String Foam Dampeners. I simply cut one in half and placed the two peices on either side of the battery which worked out fine. If you want to hear for yourself, just listen to what Pete Thron can do with a RYRA Klone:

Thanks for posting this review. Your description sounded right up my alley, so I ordered one.

Like you, I have tried multiple Klon clones, and the RYRA is my favorite! Works equally well as a boost, or an organic overdrive with brilliant harmonics and definition. A really well built, great sounding pedal.

I agree that the loose battery is problematic, and mine also has a very short connector wire which makes it challenging to install the battery. But the sound of the pedal outweighs that minor inconvenience. The best sounding pedal I have played in a long time.

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