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I've been collecting for a while. My most recent was an all original 1955 Les Paul Custom from the original owner! I'm currently having new frets installed as I intend to play this guitar as much as possible, The original frets were so flat it was almost fretless! The P90's are really awesome. Gibson did a great job with their RI's also! I have a 1954 reissue, when I A-B these two guitars it's amazing how great they both sound!

My first gibson back when I was 15 in 1972 was a 1960's SG Special with two PAF hum buckers and a Lyre Tremelo. My Second guitar was a 1971 / 72 Les Paul Custom with the Gibson impressed in the pickup covers. Sold both and really regret that. I have since found and purchased these guitars from the same era.

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