Origin Effects RevivalDrive Compact (with additional video demo)

Multi functional analog overdrive
Pros: + Sound
+ Flexibility
+ Quality
+ Low noise
+ Compatibility with other pedals
Cons: - A little too little gain with the Strat (for my taste)
The RevivalDrive Compact comes in a plain brown box, practically undesigned and only accompanied by a sticker and a short manual. So you shouldn't expect packaging in the style of Cupertino products, but who needs great packaging when the content is so incredibly convincing?

First impression "at second glance"
The quality is eye-catching. Super processing, great choice of colors for the pots, and more about the sound ... but this is "breathtaking" when switched on for the first time, that much is promised.

A closer look
The RevivalDrive Compact is much more than a "boring" overdrive or the umpteenth creation of a "Marshall-In-A-Box pedal".

Completely analog, it claims to be an "amp-in-a-box" that reproduces the sound behavior of a non-master tube amplifier in detail.
Sounds sick he?! But whoever was able to test and play the part intensively will not believe his ears!

The Potis Highs, Lows and More / Pres not only simply fulfill their functions by name, they are also divided into hemispheres, from the left to the right stop, thus depicting the tonal characteristics of different amps as if they were:

Marshall Plexi
Vox AC 30,
Fender Twin / Tweed and Blackface

You imagine the whole thing as follows:
If I turn More / Pres all the way to the left, I'm in the VOX country, all the way to the right in the Plexi country, the lows and highs are more on the left side at the plexi and on the right side, more at the Fender.
You notice the changes in the respective gain structure very well - the guys from UK really managed to do that extremely well.

With the EQ toggle switch, the pedal can be perfectly adapted to the amp used. A small mini controller called ADJ also allows you to adjust the frequency response, very helpful to control the right spectrum for single coils and humbuckers.
There is also the possibility to go directly into the interface - this requires IRs.

Two other clever features are that the output control actually only makes it loud or quiet, so you can play any sound at bedroom volume. With the blend control you can mix in the original signal of the amp, here further unexpected sound variations open up.

That sounds complicated at first, but the operation is a child's play!
However, it is advisable to download the operating instructions from the official website - this will help you understand the possibilities better and help you get even more out of the pedal.

To practice
The RevivalDrive works in front of my Two Rock Studio Pro. The amp is set very clean, it can't do more. I mainly play with Strat and Les Paul.

I have already used the RevivalDrive Compact live, at gigs and during the rehearsal.
It sounds powerful and organic and it cuts perfectly through the mix.
My search for these Hendrix Plexi sounds ended immediately. I find all these typical characteristics like this smoky growl and it always sounds like another channel of my amp.
Every note is felt under the fingers, and the pedal can be perfectly adjusted via the volume potentiometer of the guitar.

The Vox and Fender sounds sound distinctly woody and transparent.

You can get everything mapped here within a few seconds:
From SRV to Gallagher, from Kossoff to Gary Moore and Slash, from Mark Knopfler to Hendrix and back.

You shouldn't expect high gain sounds, but sounds that are "grown up" and sound analog and harmonically rich the clean and distorted area.

In direct comparison with my other high-quality overdrives, the RevivalDrive Compact sounds and feels more and more direct in the overall sound.

And with all of this, the "Beautiful Englishman" gets on excellently with other pedals of every caliber.

As always, I also recorded a demo video. In the description I have placed jump marks for the respective sounds:

A pedal that really sounds like an amp. A new, flexible approach that is second to none.
Unexpected possibilities open up and the addiction potential is extremely high! The part motivates you enormously.

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