My Scratch Build Les Paul

My Scratch Build Les Paul

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My Scratch Build Les Paul Spec Sheet.
Backstory: 30yrs ago a family friend who happened to be a State Trooper and 3rd Generation Luthier asked what was my favorite guitar; I said a Les Paul but I'll never afford one. A month later he gifted me an unfinished/unbuilt guitar and told me if I want a Les Paul I'll need to build it.
As a teenager I started this project and without proper knowledge/skill I started to ruin this guitar
Realizing I was messing up I stopped. It looked a terrible red on one side and purple on the other what-a-mess. The guitar stayed in this state for 30yrs until last year with age, wisdom, and a lot of pandemic downtime on my hands I decided it was time to redo everything the right way. My spec sheet starts at the stage of trying to make right a build that started 30yrs ago.

Feeling proud for so much positive feedback on my Les Paul Guitar Build.

Shout out to "mylespaul forum" for providing me a place for all my research while working on this project.
Guitar Specs Page 1-min.png
Guitar Specs Page 2-min.png
Guitar Specs Page 3-min.png
Guitar Specs Page 4-min.png
Guitar Specs Page 5-min.png

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