"Lady" - my Les Paul Gold Top

Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Pros: She's well worn, and feels wonderful in the hands
Between the 6-way toggle switch and various push/pull switches, the tonal possibilities are endless
She has a "shred" and "chug" mode rather than a "rhythm" and "treble" mode
She goes to 11!!!
Cons: She has definitely been dinged up over the years, which isn't everyone's cup of tea
This guitar is my baby, and as you can tell, I've put a lot of time into customizing her
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77 Les Paul
77 Les Paul
Love the String Butler. Just ordered two for my LP Gold Top Standard and Gold Top Deluxe. Awesome guitar!!!
The string butler is great!
I've bought a TP6 tail piece, too, and I'm looking to install a Kahler behind-the-nut locking system. The Kahler, as well as the headstock attachment tool for the necessary hex wrenches, are both in the mail. I'm pumped!!!

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