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+++Check also my video demo of the Jam Pedals Retro Vibe+++


I had been looking for "the UniVibe sound" for years. I've already seen a lot of pedals, from well-known manufacturers from the USA and GB to insider tips for little money from Far Eastern countries.
The pedals only really convinced me in the initial phase, because something was missing. Of course I always had that Jimi Hendrix sound in my ear. Basically, I knew the Jam Pedals Retro Vibe was going to be pretty good, but the sun rose when I first started it up and it was one of those experiences guitarists love so much ...it


The Retro Vibe MKii comes in a plain brown box, practically undesigned. In the box there is a stylistically matching linen bag, as well as the manual.

Closer examination
The hand-painted pedal naturally catches the eye. Let me say the hippie style is consistent, the big flower that surrounds the button is striking. Yes, yes, it's a matter of taste, I find it enjoyable, refreshing and authentic!

According to the manufacturer Jam Pedals, incidentally a small manufacturer from Athens in Greece, NOS transistors and photo cells are used in the Retro Vibe. These should ensure that you achieve the desired retro sound. As potentiometers you will find speed, depth, the toggle switch to switch between chorus and vibe on the front and next to the two jack connections.There is also the 9v connection, as well as a possibility to connect an external expression pedal from Jam Pedals.

On the inside there is a trim pot that regulates the intensity of the pedal. It works sensitively and is easy to reach. Personally, I found my optimal setting of the trimmer at 2 o'clock. The format is a bit wider than a standard pedal, so it is also pleasantly space-saving compared to the original and other makes. There is nothing wrong with the workmanship. Inside and outside everything is flawlessly and cleanly processed, the Retro Vibe looks roadworthy.

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Pros: + Sound
+ Flexibility
+ Quality
+ Low background noise
+ Compatibility with other pedals
Cons: None

As described above, I had a sound in my head that for me is the essence of the UniVibe Tone. That was Machine Gun and Izabella by Jimi Hendrix, and Bridges of Sigh by Robin Trower.

I put the RetroVvibe behind my Fuzz Phrase, also from Jam Pedals. It just sounds perfect to me here.

So... chorus mode set and stepped on - hold your breath for a moment. A big "WOW, there it is, the tone you've always been looking for!" Buzzes in my head. With a deep throb, the retro vibe pumps itself into my sounds, complementing them perfectly. No phase sound, no sound loss, just a pure addition.

The sounds start to float and I play the first Hendrix riffs. Machine Gun ... yes, that's exactly how it should sound! Message To Love… well, I think I'm in Woodstock. The speed control is at 11 o'clock, I venture and set it to 2 o'clock, Depth is fully turned up. Now it wobbles strongly and no matter how you set the speed, the retro vibe never seems too dominant.

The synergy between harness signal and vibe is perfectly balanced. I admit, I'm not a big user of the Vibe Mode, but after a short test phase, it sounds as expected - first class.


Of all the vibes I've played so far, the retro vibe is the most musical and above all the one that perfectly captures the original sound and the playing feel. A pedal that inspires and that is difficult to turn off. It's certainly not a cheap pedal, but if you finally want to arrive in UniVibe heaven, you will certainly be fully served.

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