Ibanez George Benson (GB10)

Maple set-in neck. Spruce top. Maple back/sides. Bound Ebony fretboard. Acrylic & Abalone block inlay. Prestige fret edge treatment. Ebony bridge

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Just finished a valet/clean & setup on this.

Some parts are pretty gone (lot of the shiny plating) so I am leaving with their patina.

Fair few scratches/dents. Stored out of its case in an attic next to a water tank. With stuff on top.

Fun it was. Bridge is not fixed. Forgot and took the strings off. Luckily the thing was so dirty I was able to mark and refit post cleaning. One of those "I knew I was supposed to do something" moments.

If there is interest I will put up some before/after.

A very well made thing indeed. Still needs a final polish...but I've started playing it lol. Put roundwounds on for a brighter tone and its loud AF. Did some reading and it turns out F Holes are louder than a round hole. MIT paper on it (google is your friend).


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