HeadRush Pedalboard

Pros: + 20 min loop time
+ huge number of effects
+ solid as a rock ( 7kg / 16 lbs )
Cons: - Not a Kemper
- Not a Helix
For me it's almost perfect, so from a five star rating i'm gona take away one star for not having the sound quality of a kemper and one for not beeing as versatile as a helix. But it'll get a extra star for going upto ELEVEN !
77 Les Paul
77 Les Paul
Great review; concise, straightforward and you have to love anything that goes to “11”!
What about ‘ease of use?’

The user interface of some competitor is why I went back to real amps.

Too many features on a shared UI is not good, and some essentially require a PC to leverage all the features. Plus the learning curve.... so how quickly can a newb go from unboxing it to really enjoying it?
I've had mine about a month now, and I wish it had an app or a separate interface I could bring up higher, but I love the sound and everything else about it. There definitely is a learning curve with it, but I got past it.

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