HeadRush Pedalboard

HeadRush Pedalboard

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The Headrush Pedalboard,

not as sophisticated as a Kemper,
not as flexible as a Helix,
but still damn good and has a incredible 20 min loop time.

Can be used to directly feed the output AND a DAW via USB (live mode), a DAW ONLY (DAW Mode) and to have a DAW in the loop via USB(Reamp mode).

Sound and effects are good, not real amps but still good enogh for me to get rid of all but one of my amps at home, which saves me a few cubic yards of amps and cabs at home. I usually play it via a mixer into the PA or with headphones on the Pedalboard.

P.s. Master volume, aux and phones go to ELEVEN !!!



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Pros: + 20 min loop time
+ huge number of effects
+ solid as a rock ( 7kg / 16 lbs )
Cons: - Not a Kemper
- Not a Helix
For me it's almost perfect, so from a five star rating i'm gona take away one star for not having the sound quality of a kemper and one for not beeing as versatile as a helix. But it'll get a extra star for going upto ELEVEN !
77 Les Paul
77 Les Paul
Great review; concise, straightforward and you have to love anything that goes to “11”!
What about ‘ease of use?’

The user interface of some competitor is why I went back to real amps.

Too many features on a shared UI is not good, and some essentially require a PC to leverage all the features. Plus the learning curve.... so how quickly can a newb go from unboxing it to really enjoying it?
I've had mine about a month now, and I wish it had an app or a separate interface I could bring up higher, but I love the sound and everything else about it. There definitely is a learning curve with it, but I got past it.

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