Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's/Heritage Cherry

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So I got a new guitar in the mail today and it's a Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's in Heritage Cherry! Im so excited. Ive been playing on a Fender Stratocaster for 15 years and I've always wanted a Gibson Les Paul, so I saved up for the past year to buy one. I love it! It sounds so rich and warm. Sultry and creamy, just like I was expecting. The neck on it is way meatier than my '08 Fender Stratocaster. I feel like I have more grip and my palms are supported. It has tons of sustain, which I absolutely love. I can bend a string, and the note will hold strong for 10+ seconds, like a really long time. Its amazing. Im not sure how much it weighs, but its one of the heaviest guitars Ive ever played or owned. I like the fact that its not weight relieved because when I hold it by the neck, it feels solid, like an instrument of substance. Im so very happy and I hope to have many memorable times and moments with it

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