Gibson Deluxe 30th Anniversay Les Paul

Pros: Great finish, fit, weight and tone. Comes with a killer pink lined Gibson Harshell Case and built in dust cover. Comfy neck size and the Mahogany wood used for the body has beautiful grain.
Cons: The Mini-Humbuckers are not for everyone, but you can easily swap out the Mini's for P-90s to get that vintage rock sound that Marshall Stacks love. Some may not like Weight Relief bodies.
I've owned two of these in my lifetime (both Gold Tops). The first one I bought was when they first came out in 2000. I loved the tone of Johnny Winter's Mini Humbucker Thunderbird, but I lalso loved the look of a Gold Top. So I bought and gigged the Deluxe for 2 years. But then I had to sell it to a super happy kid a few years later since after our first child was born the missus asked me to start reducing my collection:( But then I was forutnate enough to find a second one recently that was in immaculate condition, 8.7 lbs and had absolutely no wear or scratches on it as it was a Closet Queen. And for $2100, these guitars have seemed to keep increaing in value as more players realize they are a great value, build, that they have a unique yet familiar sound and they are just top notch guitars.

Gold Deluxe front body.jpg

I personally think these are "sleeper" guitars. First, everyone I've either seen with one or based on the two I'vwe owned has been built with such detail. For example, all the binding was perfectly smooth around the edges. The frets were dressed, the buffing left no "Orange Peel" signs, the Rosewood Fretboards were moderately dark with very nice grain patterns and the Mohagany bodies (with Gloss Finish) had some of the best grain patterns of any Gibson's of any era IMO.

The best part is that I can use the Deluxe in a band with another guitar player that uses a Standard LP as the Mini Humbuckers stand out just enough (especially in the Bridge position) as it has more "bite" to the tone, and when set in the middle position, you get more of a Tele type sparkle. And using my Tone Control, I can roll off the high frequencies of the Neck Pickup and get a nice Jazz Tone and excellent lead tones when used in conjunction with a Fuzz.

Here's a great clip of what it can do. Enjoy!


Angus Blackmore
Angus Blackmore
Awesome post, lovely guitar.

Many 70s UK heavy rockers sported De Luxes: Kelly Johnson, Scott Gohram (an American, I know), Ade Smith, etc.

I started a post on this site ages ago about the lineage of the deluxe’sin the UK, and the discussion was tossed around the idea that these were some of the few ‘non vintage’ Les Paul is available is to Brit working musicians at the time before mass imports, higher spending power, etc.

I played a fully stock 77 ox blood red deluxe once (pancake body), it must’ve weighed around 12 lb and the neck was super thin so it felt a little off balance to me (most of my ‘Paul’s have fat necks)..... But it sounded great, really clear and defined and snarly at the bridge.

Enjoy and thanks for the post!

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