Gibson 2019 Les Paul High Performance Seafoam fade

Gibson 2019 Les Paul high performance seafoam fade
Pros: - Phenomenal sound when played gentle
- Looks great
- It's a Les Paul
Cons: - Miserable out of the box setup
- Fretbuzz when played hard
- Ugly fretjob
The finish beside the fretboard itself is marvelous. Fretwork quality is questionable, had polish residue around the frets and has fret buzz when played hard. Out of the box setup has way too high action and still does buzz when played hard.
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No excuse for the fret job, but saying the Out-of-the Box set-up is a bit unfair. Set-up was never intended to be to everyone's tastes. A person may get lucky and get a guitar that just happens to suit their tastes, but it's a very subjective and personal thing. I've had to get a pro set-up on every guitar I own. Plus your set-up can go from great to crap just by changing :wave::wave:string gauges. Ask me how I know. No excuse for the fret buzz, but I suspect it will go away with a pro set-up, and usually doesn't cost that much. Good luck to you.
Usually the tech will fix intonation during the set-up. Do another review after you get her set-up. I bet it will put a smile on your face.

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