Gibson 2003 Les Paul Classic 3-Pickups

Mike Barnes reviews this unique triple pickup Gibson
Pros: Very thorough review with a nice informative video!
Very thorough review with a nice informative video!
Pros: greatly explained ...straight to the point
Cons: none
great review ,,,,wish I had that guitar
Pros: Great tones
Classic style

This triple-pickup version delivers even more tone, and all the playability of the original. The Classic has a fast Gibson 1960 Slim Taper neck, the hallmark Les Paul carved Maple top, a Mahogany body & neck, a Rosewood fingerboard , and Gold hardware (green key tuners). Based on a 1960s Les Paul Standard Classic, this guitar features all the adornments which made that model highly sought after, including a carved Maple top, green keys and inlay for a vintage vibe and nickel hardware. Great looks aside, the 2003 Les Paul Classic features a true '60s slim taper neck. Combined with 496R/496R/500T ceramic magnet humbucking pickups, this is one scorching guitar.
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Awesome! I also have a 3-pickup LP that makes me happy every time I play it. Honestly, though... I don't find many uses for the middle position. Its like a slightly brighter neck position, but if I'm not using the bridge, I usually want them full throaty neck tones anyway. Any thoughts on this? What uses have you found for yours?
Nice job on the review. Certainly a more affordable version of the lpr7, with different specs!
I also own one but it has the limited edition logo in the back and all the knobs are push/pull

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