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A £100 Special.

I went to see this not quite believing the Ad. No photo.

The kid who had it had bought the bits bar the body. He got it all together and sold it.

Banana neck. Strings were a good 3/4 inch off at 12th fret.

I told the kid it probably just needed setup. He told me how he put it together and stringed it and he thinks the neck is off. Fair play kid.

He then showed me his new clapton strat, and his Fireball.

I gave him a hundred pounds after telling him I'd get more for the tuners and pickups than his hundo. He wasn't bothered. I had pickups and tuners if it was a dog yay.

I got the neck straight and had to bow it again. Thought maybe fret levels were off but I couldn't see it, plus they're edged so well I can't imagine that level of detail in one place but not the rest.

A few years later I tried again. Nope. I then went to take the neck off and it clicked ever so slightly under pressure. So I took it off cleaned pocket and and refitted it. When restrung the neck adjusted fine, no buzz - it was a fantastic guitar! Idk some crap must have been caught in there.

So that's the FrankenTele story.

It's a bashed up squire body, a roasted maple neck with a large Strat type head (not fender). A lace humbucker and a fender noiseless. Surprisingly the wiring was OK. Better than I'd have done for sure.

I love it with the big headstock and black dot inlays

. I went through a cheesy oldschool phase and learned a few Cinderella songs on it. Played a lot of thin lizzy on it. The lace is just so creamy when distorted.

The Lace is coil tappable, so that's a thing to do. The knurled knob I'd keep tho.



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