Epiphone Les Paul Custom (68)Tri Burst!?! Gibson body?

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This salesman from guitar center told me years after my purchase my 07 Epiphone les Paul custom was rare. It was advertised as a heritage cherry burst(which it’s not) it’s basically a 68 reissue tri burst. The salesman then said epiphone doesn’t even make a tri burst guitar. He sore I had a Gibson body that didn’t pass inspection so they put a epiphone neck on it, OR someone has fun in the paint booth. She weighs more than my dads 70 Gibson lp custom and slightly more than his electra LP... I don’t know what to make of it... super rare epi? Gibson body? One off Tri Burst?


Paf pro and super distortion in the bridge (I’m a Randy Rhoads fan)
Removed pick guard and treble/rhythm cover
Gold knobs
Strap locks

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