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Hi all, newb. Loving the photos.

Here is my baby, a 1975/6 Marauder. My favourite guitar. Banged up and beat. Just great to know it's been played like it should be. The neck is pure butter. Lovely punchy sound, Bill Lawrence epoxy sealed pups - which are humbuckers but are very single-coil in sound (both pups are buckers). Very lightweight. I was shocked how un-gibson it sounded when I got it. It fuzzes up well, but it wouldn't do real heavy stuff. At the same time though the cleans are very funky.

If anyone is interested in more information on these - they do have an interesting history of players from Josh Homme to Mick Taylor. Kiss smashed a load of them as stage props (but never played them).

You can pick up a good condition example for under £1000. Worth every penny IMO.

Also included a family photo with some of her sisters.

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