ANALOG.MAN King of Tone (KOT V.4)

King of Tone: The Ultimate Dual Overdrive
Pros: Best Two Channel Low to Hihg Gain pedal on the market. Optional customazation when ordering.
Cons: Super long wait-list times (18+ months) and price went up to $265
My review is going to be pretty simple. That's because the KOT (and it's single channel version The Prince of Tone aka POT) is an exceptional pedal that no matter where you set it, it sounds great. I've owned mine for about 7 years now, and it quickly became my Desert Island pedal. Why? Because it checks off all my little boxes for the various type of tones I need playing in several different cover bands. For example; Clean Blues or Chicken Picken'....check. Dirty Blues...Check. 60's Rock....Check. 70's Rock....Check. Early 80's Rock.....check.

Now imagine taking a TS-808, supercharging it up, then sticking two together connected in the same enclosure, then adding internal Dip Switches and Presence controls that give you the widest control over your tone ever in one pedal; that's the KOT. Mike Piera (AKA Analog Mike) is known for making all sorts of fantastic pedals (From Delays, Choruses, Fuzzes and others) but the "Home Run" pedal of all his offerings has to be the KOT. One search on Google and you can find all the amazing musicians that use the KOT and who have some killer YT Videos available. You can also find the Wait-Times for the KOT are up to nearly 3 years now (I just checked the Website and they are shipping orders taken from May, 2017). But let add one thing; Mike had some real tough life situations occur that added to the Wait-Times, including the loss of his wife to Cancer. So it's 100% understandable.

Using the KOT live. I don't play a gig without a few "key" pedals. I use a RYRA Klone, Fulltone OCD Germanium and the KOT for all my dirt & boost tones. With thoswe 3 pedals, I can make my '66 Fender Princeton Reverb sound like a Million bucks. That siad, the KOT is the one pedal I rely upon more because it offers two pedals it one. The Yellow side is used for all my Low Gain tones on both lead & rhythm. The Red side I use almost exclusively for Lead work. I pretty much use the same settings on both sides except that I use more Output on the right side so I can get about 3dB more gain to cut through the mix. While I have played around with the internal Dip Switches and Presence controls, I've found that the Factory Setting for the Yellow/Red version of the KOT works best for me. That said, you can order it with two Red sides as there's those that swear they can get the Yellow/Red tones with one Red side's gain turned way down, but combineds together, both Red's can get close to Metal sounds. Since I don't play Metal, that's not an issue for me. But it would be for someone ordering the KOT and trying to decide between the Yellow/Red side combination or Red/Red side.

The KOT has worked flawlessly for me for a long time now, and I'd like to leave you a clip by the Co-Creator of the KOT, Jim Weider cranking on his Telecaster;

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