'68 Fender Bassman (Black-line Drip-edge)

'68 Bassman

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The amp is a Silverface drip-edge black-line Bassman. The cabinet was in very rough shape, but inside it was unmolested and still had all the factory components. I feel the Fender head cabinet is the prettiest amp cabinet extant. I love the styling.

The black-line drip-edge Bassman was the transition circuit (AB165) from Blackface to Silverface where they used up what was left of the blackface parts. The black-line amps can be identified by a vertical black line on the faceplate.

I stripped and re-finished cab with blonde tolex (just looks so pretty) and replaced all the electrolytic caps. Other than that it's all original.

The cabinet is a Sourmash 2X12 loaded with Weber 12A150s.

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Pros: Beautiful cleans and smooth O/D.
Cons: 50 watts, heavy, not a combo so it's not a great gig amp.
I've owned a BF Super Reverb and BF Bandmaster as well as this Bassman. As fantastic as the SR and BM are, the Bassman is just nicer. This is a result of the circuit design, it is unique in the Fender lineup.

The Bassman has beautiful cleans, typical of BF Fenders, which makes it a great pedal platform. But the O/D is just glorious! When you crank it up it has the most beautiful smooth O/D that just growls and snarls. It's a somewhat unique O/D, it more gnarly compression than ratty distortion.




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