2020 Fender players series strat

2020 Fender Players series strat
Pros: Great neck profile, looks and plays fantastic. love the 2 and 4 position, Not really a 1 3 5 guy. Workable knobs to get a good sound out of any position though. Has the Strat quack. Feels real solid. Comparing it to other Strats i have owned, this one sounds better, feels better, and plays better. I've had some nice made in USA ones, but they never did it for me (well, maybe one did, but this still feels better)
Cons: Fret edges are a little sharp, my tech thinks it is not so bad, and will get better as the wood spreads out. Not a real issue, as i really never notice it, but it is the first thing i check for. Really wish it had the big headstock. Main issue, is no case. or gig bag. At this price point, i would expect a case. If it came with a bag at least, it is a 5 star guitar.
They always seem to ask......So yes, if someone stole this, i would buy another. Unless i could find the person that stole it, and beat them senseless with it. This seems well built enough to take the beating.
I would recommend this to anyone, who, like myself, isn't really a Strat guy, but would like one in their arsenal to play around with. At this price point, you can't go wrong. I love the wood grain. It is damn near perfect.
77 Les Paul
77 Les Paul
Nice review!
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