2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard Ocean Perimeter Quilt Top

Pros: A variety of possible sounds via push pull knobs, stunning finish that works well with the quilt top, neck size is a 60 style that feels nice to play on. Locking tuners, light for long playing, the naturalahogony finish on back is lovely, caramel and blue go well together
Cons: Not traditional, light af, heavy gloss finish, sticky neck, easy to scratch, mine doesn't like lighter gauge strings, included case main strip is rather shit compared to old gibson cases, ability to swap pickups is gonna be costly and need most likely complete rewiring
Its bright and has a nice bright bite to it when you have a bit of gain and rip that g string down into a bend.
The neck is rather sticky to me, but im coming from fender finishes and esp satin finishes, its not terrible, but took some getting used to.
The finish is stunning both front and back, and itl hold tune

All in all if you come into this guitar expecting a classic Gibson Les Paul, you will be somewhat disappointed, if you come into it like me not having ever owned a classic Gibson, youl probably love it.

Its not a "Classic" its its own breed, and if yoir willing to give it a fair shake like i did you'll find its a rather fun instrument
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