1984 Marshall JCM 800 4104 2X12 Combo

Classic Marshall combo with an added built-in attenuator.

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Classic Marshall combo with an added built-in attenuator, that I've owned since 2018. It has that classic crunch, and I can turn up the volume without blowing up my house thanks to the attenuator...Marshall heaven! :thumb:

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Pros: The real deal.
Cons: None.
That very amp was the first good amp I bought when I was a kid. I would go so far as to say that it ultimately shaped how I played. My biggest regret was selling it.
Pros: That Marshall sound that we all grew up with. Portable enough to leave in the bedroom or bring to a bar gig. Loud enough to blow your socks off when the Master Volume is dimed.
Cons: None, in my opinion.
I've had this amp about two years. I got a smokin' deal on Kijiji ($1000 CAD), and I'm thankful every day that I got it. Absolutely mint condition for 36 years old. Not a 'Marshall in a box', it's the real thing!

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