1979??? Electra les Paul

1979 made in Japan Electra les Paul copy

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This is a 1979 Electra mij version of a Les Paul. It is pretty much all original as far as I can tail I don’t know much about the pick up and I can’t find much one of the pots was replaced sometime with a Cts all parts pot. The other three seem to be original one of the hum bucker’s is a super magnaflux And the bridge is just a cheap version made in Korea hum bucker looks like somebody replaced it at some point I need information on this particularly on the pick up or really just the one pick up. I am brand new to this forum this is my first post I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.


Gibson deluxe tuners call Reed Smith #7s treble and bass Acc 3053 Until I can figure out what this mysterious pick up is ....Cts pots gavitt wiring 50s vintage style. Ernie Ball super slinky‘s bone nut tone pros jack switch craft toggle amber cap. Dressed frets and board polished guitar mahogany body plain top.

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Love them jap les models; not all but the matsumoko ones, elecrtra. ibanez, etc.I have a Vantage 335 style that is fabulous/

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