1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe G/T

1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe G/T

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This is a 1969 G/T with some alterations:
It has a very slim 60s taper on neck. Body is fairly hefty. Three piece laminated neck.
The story of the purchase of this guitar, and the subsequent drama, is long so I'll try to be succinct.
Played a friends' guitar - loved it.
Years later bought the guitar but found out it was not original having paid original price. :(
Big drama getting some partial refund.
Had guitar re-fretted with SS as it was super low.
Guitar is brilliant!! :) (I tried to make the story bullet-point but it is VERY long)


Refinished in Gold way back before 1985. It was originally Gold anyway...????
Installed with P90s instead of mini humbuckers. The dates appear to be 1979 but difficult to see.
I installed Stainless Steel frets because the originals were worn way low.
Block inlays were so cupped that they touched the strings when fretted so they were re-glued.

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Pros: Sounds fantastic. Plays brilliantly now it's been re-fretted.
Cons: Heavy-ish.
This is the only Les Paul that I own (discounting a LP Jr) and there's a reason for that - I'm a 'Strat guy'. I have ten of them and several PRSi. This guitar however is amazing. The luthier who performed the re-fret was amazed by the rare rosewood in the fretboard.

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