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  1. frozenotter

    Please show me your fiddlebacks.

  2. frozenotter

    Upcoming Backing Tracks of the month

    Would be cool to play over "Please don't go Girl" by the "New Kids". I'd play over it looking at my wall poster of Jordan Knight.
  3. frozenotter

    Suggestions needed

    I'd recommend starting out with this Impellitteri workout. Something simple to loosen up your fingers to before you get into something more serious.
  4. frozenotter

    Stage clothes

    I think it's pathetically hilarious seeing any man over 40 trying to be ...a man under 40. That's the problem with the Gen X'ers ...they never grew up. Nothing is funnier than these old oval shaped bald bastards in their on-stage teenage get-ups. It makes finding band members in the...
  5. frozenotter

    Honey Brook farm owner pleads guilty after being accused of having sex with horse

    Wow think of all the girls I've seen that have sex with monkeys. No uproar about it.
  6. frozenotter

    Why do you so many hateful here?

    My poop had corn in it this morning.
  7. frozenotter

    What do you do EVERY day?

    Sleep Speedpick (latest phase) Work
  8. frozenotter

    Return to .009's - Wonderful :)

  9. frozenotter

    Return to .009's - Wonderful :)

    OP: Try 9.5's. They are heavenly on a 'Paul.
  10. frozenotter

    more VH talk

    Ed is one of the best lead players around and a major influence for me; however I always thought their songwriting on the early albums was very LA rock typical. Kinda horrible actually. 1984 forward introduced real songwriting from them, I think.
  11. frozenotter

    3 Les Pauls and 3 Marshalls

    Nice. But actually is does get better: You need my JTM45 Offset reissue. (Internet pic snag)
  12. frozenotter

    GAS success stories

    I'm at 27 now and have kinda moved on from that phase, I think. I've grown so strong with my EVH that 'Pauls have been pushed to the back too. I must say that when my EVH was out for relicing I picked up another GLP Custom a couple months ago. Oh, you probably wanted to see the EVH, right...
  13. frozenotter

    Trade advice/thoughts?

    I think the Tribute is poopy compared to your beautiful Traditional. No deal.
  14. frozenotter

    Weight gain and significant other.....

    I'd ditch the pig. I don't do fatties, myself.
  15. frozenotter

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread.

    Nope. My dad did - Navy. I do get defensive about these jokes some probably because of that. Hartman's comment in Full Metal Jacket wasn't very playful either. Not fun to watch sitting with an ex serviceman in the room. I'm not saying your friend's comment was derogatory so I just said the...
  16. frozenotter

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread.

    I know they do. However at times it think it's a bit beyond a poke. There's dead navy man as there are dead marines ...that all gave their lives on the same dime.
  17. frozenotter

    Cancelled NGD

    I do my best to avoid gambling.
  18. frozenotter

    Candy Apple Red 1983 Les Paul Standard

    Congrats man! :)
  19. frozenotter

    A new guitarist emerges today (Now with photos)

    Kewl as the breeze. :dude: