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  1. lpfan1980

    TRADE: Two 1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtops

    Not knockin ya good for you my guitar goal is to get at least one vintage Gibson or Fender guitar into my life, any type at all :Dwould I GAS after maybe all i ask is pics of a :photos:1957 1st year paf lp please! good luck! And a martin accoustic modern or vintage would make me a happy boy.
  2. lpfan1980

    FS: 1997 58 Reissue Fabulous Flame and Flecks

    Someones getting one heck of an lp ill tell ya :acoustic: :acoustic: :acoustic: its like a perfect pepproni pizza cept its a guitar.
  3. lpfan1980

    Shocking and graphic

    Sighhh and yes i used to hang out on ll now im into guitar carnage. o_O
  4. lpfan1980

    Shocking and graphic

    This isnt just a Chinese thing its a human thing.Ii stopped seeking out shocking vids after watching ISIS burn that poor Jordanian pilot alive laugh and put music over his screams i felt like i just saw hell/ that was three years ago. People are a holes no matter the race or culture I would...
  5. lpfan1980

    NGD Classic Premium Plus, Vintage Burst Black Back

    That my friend is a nice catch have fun playing that one :D :acoustic:
  6. lpfan1980

    Is this a real or fake?

  7. lpfan1980

    Curiosity Rover on Mars Spotted from Space in Awesome NASA Photo

    Martian labour where they get em high with with cheap containers of earth air an 0.5 Marvins a day dammit ADIDAS-NIKE DAMN YOOOOO ALL TO HECK.
  8. lpfan1980

    Greco Mint Collection (1990)

    Thats a loverly Greco at any rate. :dude:
  9. lpfan1980

    A site with some really cool vintage guitars..

    David j. Pym have to go check that out thanks.
  10. lpfan1980

    Shocking and graphic

    Why is this site turning into Liveleak..they broil dogs alive with propane torches there go find the vids if you wanto be disturbed and extremely enraged-baby soup does not suprise me and no i aint posting any of that shit.
  11. lpfan1980


    THAT is super cool man! :thumb: :slash:.
  12. lpfan1980

    1917 Gibson Stinger.

    Hey there are Martins from the 1840s and 50s kickin around and in good shape too!
  13. lpfan1980

    1917 Gibson Stinger.

    Thats lovely I wonder if mr Page owns one ?it would only be fitting .
  14. lpfan1980

    Well, that was different!!

    We neEd nore theremin shredding on this earth WOO woo wooWOOO WO WOOO WOO WOO. Vintage theremin forums Gibson Theremins Martin acoutic theremins Dr Who & Jimmy page ther :dude: emin specials and the like
  15. lpfan1980

    FS: 1999 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Heritage Cherry Sunburst LOADED with upgrades

    Wow what a lovely SUPER EPIPHONE I like the veneers Epi puts on their LPs better than some of the crazy tops Gibson puts on I like my LPS simple. hope you get good luck for your Epi you put a lot of work into that guitar. :thumb:
  16. lpfan1980

    Under the Knife...AGAIN

    Well happy bday -and while my spine is better I was hit by a Ford Escort with a fogged up windshield while walking to work when I was 28. broke 4 of my vertibra. I also was born with scoliocis[twisted spine] WHICH HELPS EXACTLY NONE. Im 38 and a gimp but my back is almost pain free!' except it...
  17. lpfan1980

    TRADE: Two 1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtops

    Wow if I had those 2 cute 1954 s Id never buy another guitar but good for you- movin on up! Although the left one is more of an olive top these days:D good luck. :thumb:
  18. lpfan1980

    FS: 2018 Aged R9 - Monster top, Royal Tea Burst, 7lbs 14 oz - employee guitar

    OH MY WORD that is one of the most perfect lps my 4 geeky eyes have ever seen.:drool::drool::drool::thumbs:
  19. lpfan1980

    Well, that was different!!

    Thats a meaty hard classic rock stew there- love it I am Iron Zepp..oh thats BLACK IRON ZEPPELIN :slash: :p:dude::thumb:
  20. lpfan1980

    New ABR-1

    I did not know you could fit some ABRs and Nashvilles together does it change the tone to have An ABR on a modern style LP :thumb: let me know.Just curious.