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  1. NYC LP player

    The World Has Gone Soft

    ARGH! I am so outraged and butthurt over people being outraged and butthurt!!!! I can't stand it. Back in my day we never spoke of these things and spent the afternoons storming Normandy. Now these sissy millennials are addressing issues that we let slide for decades cuz well...they didnt...
  2. NYC LP player

    Great YT guitarist got a set of ReWind's

    This guy is worth a sub and now he has some ReWinds too. Running a lil hotter than normal with his klone. I think this is the one that got me to sub as he is very Simo-esq at time (pre PU Swap and different micing/setup). Looks like another happy customer James.
  3. NYC LP player

    Have you ever significantly gone against your wife's wishes?

    UPDATE: Van is likely 7k-10k and then needs some mods for comfort. Not talking a guitar purchase. Not talking cheating. But have you ever gone against your other half on something significant and how did it go long term? My situation: When we met and dated my only car was a 1968 Mustang...
  4. NYC LP player

    1950's Toaster converted into a pedal

    Ok so its only a channel switcher but she lights up and toasts the tone by switching to the dirty channel. Not an easy project. Once you gut the toaster there is nothing keeping the top part up. I smoked some clear binder sheets with spray paint so you couldnt see how...
  5. NYC LP player

    Anyone thinking of selling a Dodge a100/a108

    Missed out on an amazing opportunity while convincing the wife of the math behind a once in a lifetime adventure (sold in one day). That says I have a bunch of high end-ish gear. This is what I missed out on If you...
  6. NYC LP player

    WTB: Eminence Private Jack 8 ohm - nyc / rhode island

    look for something with some hours on it already local or shipped works they are $80 new and shipped
  7. NYC LP player

    Vox AC10 12 inch speaker conversion theory (owners assistance)

    Have played these a few times and as is they really have the amp dialed in. That said who wouldn't like the option to swap 12s without having to get extension cabs involved. It is obvious that as is a 12inch wont fit for two reasons: 1) trannies and tubes are in the way on the back 2) front...
  8. NYC LP player

    MXL 4000 or AT2050 or ????? multi pattern

    I am looking for a mult pattern mic that when it turns up used hits the $100-$150 range. These seems to fit my needs. I plan on using it for room audio and narration in omni or 8 pattern when doing electric guitar demos. My other mic is a Sennheiser mk4. Thoughts? Any lesser known stuff I...
  9. NYC LP player

    Marshall Origin 50w h/c and 20w Head Thread

    They are starting to roll in and people are posting clips. I personally am not interested in the 1x10 combo so if you get the 50w head or combo or have the 20w head going into a proper cab or see a cool demo feel free to post it here. I keep checking back from time to time.
  10. NYC LP player

    Does an interface with this feature exist?

    So I am getting the hang of using my mic, Shure x2u, and running it straight into my phone. Obviously the quality of the audio is better and I can monitor it. What I wish I had is basically a USB interface like the Scarlett 2i2 but with the option to pan the two signals to the left or right...
  11. NYC LP player

    Marshall Origin 20 Combo Bergs Demo

    Think I may need the 50w 12in speaker version. Hopefully some more demos soon if our favorite Aussie has one already.
  12. NYC LP player

    N80'sAD - Marshall 5210 with one issue (edit 2 problems) + mod

    Ive been hearing that these 80s Marshall SS amp are a great bang for their buck for a long time. That said people have been asking crazy prices and even more if it has onboard reverb. Well one came up on reverb and the guy took an aggressive offer and here she is So I have had an...
  13. NYC LP player

    Spent a lunchtime with the 2018 Marshall DSL40CR

    Had some free time over Easter while the wife was running errands with her mother and decided to bring my guitar, my cables, and a buffer to play the new version of the DSL40. I have no previous experience with the old model and from reviews it seemed like it would likely be way more gain than...
  14. NYC LP player

    Question on Incoming 80's Marshall Solid State (5210)

    For anyone who has owned or played something in the Marshall SS 80s family can you tell me if they benefit from a speaker swap? There are some great sounding clips but is it best just to leave it to its 80s sounding glory or can it benefit from some warming up? Anyone try an alnico...
  15. NYC LP player

    Nightmare: 2 of 3 amps die within minutes of each other

    JTM45 dies out while testing a new pedal I built. Tubes still lit but dead silent. Fuse intact. Pulled inst cable and no sound so definitely IN the amp. F**k. Roll 12ax7 - nope, swap rect, nope, try other power tubes that I believe work, nope. Oh well still have my Super Reverb and Deluxe...
  16. NYC LP player

    Tone Bender MKI (oc81) vs MKII (oc81d) vs Fuzz Face (bc108c) vs Muff rare v7d big box

    Ugh...I thought I would post this as it was the 2nd attempt and took a bit of time to add the captions but overall I am less than thrilled about the end result. There is plenty to take away regarding brightness, decay, clean up but it just isnt the best capture of what it sounded like in the...
  17. NYC LP player

    Pyramid Monel Strings Demo

    Only two days in but I am liking them Marshall demo coming soonish. Basically they are round core and are brighter than pure nickels but not as bright as your typical nickel wrap steel. Def got me closer to that Tele on steroids sound but if you use normal or cobalts these maybe a bit...
  18. NYC LP player

    Shin Ei / Jax Fuzz Wah 8-tr / wf-8 Possible Fuzz Build Question??

    Yes I just saw JD and now I want the fuzz sound from his fuzz wah But since I just need the fuzz is it basically a companion fuzz or is it different and blended into the wah that it wont sound right without those...
  19. NYC LP player

    Saw Simo Last Night & Rig Update

    He played the Mercury lounge which was a reschedule from the winter. Smaller venue and according to JD 2/3 of people opted for the refund as normally a Tuesday late night in Feb is a recipe for a lousy cold night and we only had a week to decide if we wanted a refund. Doors opened at 930, Simo...
  20. NYC LP player

    WTB Scraps: Marshall Tolex, gold piping, Gold Marshall logo

    White or black but preferrably black elephant tolex. Need a piece big enough to cover a cigar box for a custom pedal I am making. gold piping gold marshall amp logo (will end up just using the M)

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