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  1. dmac in SC

    NGD, Gibson LP Modern, Pelham Blue

    This arrived last Saturday. It is a demo from Sweetwater, 2400 bucks. The only visible signs of use are some cut marks on the pickguard and cavity covers. Some moron obviously used an exacto knife or something to remove the plastic film from the plastic. The pickguard is going anyway, and I can...
  2. dmac in SC

    Homing Devices/Microchips for Expensive Gear

    Not sure if this is where to post this, so I put it here. i have slowly been accumulating a bunch of pretty high end stuff so that I am little worried about protecting it from theft. I have looked into insurance, but that is rather expensive and, quite honestly, a total pain in the ass to set...
  3. dmac in SC

    N(to me)GD.. TV Yellow Classic Reissue

    I had actually forgotten that these guitars even existed until their recent popularity. Purchased this from a fellow MLP member, @guitaraddict, and I am amazed at the tone, sustain and playability for what is priced as a lower end Gibson. Absolutely perfect guitar, and a great transaction too...
  4. dmac in SC

    Why are the Les Paul Modern's so hard to find?

    I have been lusting over the Pelham Blue for a month or two now, but all the gear dealers I have dealt with has them on back order, except for one at GC that has had the neck detached then reattached with what looks like Elmer's school glue. No Thanks. Are these guitars so good that shops...
  5. dmac in SC

    Rediscovered an old Fender friend today!

    I quit playing out several years ago, and have spent the time since setting up my studio rig, mainly Blackface Fenders. I used to drag this poor old HotRod around through [email protected]&^ and shizzle, and it never let me down. I have had it since about Y2K, and it was made in Mexico in I think 1993...
  6. dmac in SC

    NGD.. Gibby Classic lite

    Pretty shitty picture..I need a new phone I think this finish is lemon burst (don't really care)... the finish looks awesome to me.... double cut with 57 classics.. I love it... Fretboard is dry as dust, and there are a couple of set-up issues I'll need to correct (Never had a guitar that...
  7. dmac in SC

    This is a great forum!! but...

    The process of donating and membership upgrades is kind of convoluted. Lots of very smart and helpful folks reside here, and there are very few snarky posters as compared some other gear forums. I think I have figured out the $18 upgrade to premium member thing, but the silver and gold...
  8. dmac in SC

    PettyDrive, Does anyone here have exterience with one of these?

    This is the first time I have ever seen of heard of one, and it looks interesting enough to give it a try. Just wondering if anybody can give any additional info.
  9. dmac in SC

    NAD ... '65 Super Reverb Reissue

    And delivered on Sunday before the rain set in! I just can't say enough good things about the Fender reissue amps, and the quality of new amps in general.. They are simply sensational!
  10. dmac in SC

    Thanks to the members here who made this recommendation!!

    This is better Than these combined Could not be happier.. The sound just keeps getting better!
  11. dmac in SC

    GAS, Something that is often joked about, but is it really a laughing matter?

    Genuinely serious question to members of the forum... when is enough enough? So i go through cycles when I decide which amps I have that are not keepers, and I pull them out of the studio to the 'for sale' room. To a lesser extent, the same goes for guitars and pedals. i am just now recovering...
  12. dmac in SC

    Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

    I had the surgery yesterday...I have more feeling in my fingers than I have had in a year...but holy God, my elbow hurts:confused: I do have pills, but that is not really my style. Can't play a lick for three weeks or longer. Any positive experiences with this? It's too late to turn back...
  13. dmac in SC

    I need an Eq pedal that does not add hiss

    I know there are many threads on this topic, but they are old, so I want to bring up the topic again 2020 version. I have an old Boss GE7 that has had the JHS mod done. While it is way more quiet than it was originally, it still sounds like I am playing with white noise in the background. I...
  14. dmac in SC

    NAD...and I guess I was wrong and many others are right

    I have read posts about how great the Fender Deluxe Reverb reissues are for years already.. At the prices they have been and are selling for, I was a major skeptic.. I finally found one locally at a price I was willing to pay, and my only reaction is WOW. Back in the '70s we used to laugh at...
  15. dmac in SC

    Does anyone here have one of these?

    I bought this pedal a couple of years ago when Sib was blowing them out for 99 bucks. I'm not sure that they even make them anymore. Initial reaction was blah...I switched tubes a couple of times and settled on a JJ ax7...still was not impressed with the way the pedal turned my tone into mush...
  16. dmac in SC

    How to ground my studio rig??

    I have a hum and the 'snap, crackle and pops' when I touch and release strings or any other metal parts on my guitars. It is most noticeable on my Les Pauls, but detectable on everything . I have checked the ground wiring in all my guitars; All my cables and patch cables check out OK; I have...
  17. dmac in SC

    Anybody have a cheap guitar that is a lifetime never seller?

    I do. Last year I got my hands on an Indonesia G&L ASAT and was really impressed. Later on I bought a Legacy tribute. Both the guitars came with terrible setup. Electronics also sucked...but they just felt like quality wood, and with 12 inch fret board radius which I love. I adjusted the...
  18. dmac in SC

    My First P90 LP..An Absolute Dream

    Bought this a few days ago..not a custom shop, but she might as well be...I'm almost afraid to pick this thing up, because if I do, I'll still be playing it 7 hours later... Magnificent instrument..humbling good..Gibson still has it going on..Best LP out of seven I have owned in the last 30...
  19. dmac in SC

    Need Suggestions for a Decent Camera

    I need to record our band practices but don't want to get all involved with mic'ing, DAWs and all that. i need decent but not necessarily studio audio. Would prefer to do it with a stand-alone camera so we can not only hear how bad we sound, but also see how ugly we are. Any suggestions?
  20. dmac in SC

    Buger t50 infinium tube upgrade?

    Just got this amp head (for REALY cheap) to to carry back and forth to practice. I absolutely love the clean channel on this thing and the reverb too. Sounds better than my Fender twins. The lead channel is another issue...sounds more like a fuzz than overdrive..can anybody direct me to how to...

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