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  1. El Pablo

    New guitar: Eastman SB59 with monsterflames

    Beautiful guitar. Nice to know you are happy with its performance too. Congrats.
  2. El Pablo

    A Proud moment for a Proud Father (me)

    What an incredible accomplishment. Something like that doesn't happen by accident.
  3. El Pablo

    NGD: 2021 LP Tribute w maple neck

  4. El Pablo

    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Earlier in the day... but still on vacation.
  5. El Pablo

    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    I can't remember anytime of my life when I didn't want to play. Listening to my parents Beatles, Paul Revere and the Raiders, ELO and Roy Orbison albums got me off to a very early appreciation of music. That said, 10 seconds into hearing Eruption changed my life forever. I was mesmerized...
  6. El Pablo

    NGD! 2020 Ebony Classic

  7. El Pablo


    I still enjoy mine. The last update was particularly good. I love the orange amp and acoustic sim.. Due to Covid, it's been well over a year since my last gig with it. For live use, it was a huge relief to the setup/teardown process. At home I find myself using it half and half vs my...
  8. El Pablo

    Bare Knuckle Mules.

    Great story. Great pickups. Beautiful guitars (both).
  9. El Pablo

    Check out this Lemon!

    I will check it out. I'm late to the game.
  10. El Pablo

    Check out this Lemon!

    I get what your saying.. I stumbled on the song by accident. I'm glad I did. I've enjoyed Lenny Kravitz, Foo Fighters and Heart perform great Zep tunes, but this was a new twist. It gives me some ideas on doing cover tunes in my band.
  11. El Pablo

    Check out this Lemon!

    Holy smokes, I can't believe I never heard this Zep cover before. I bet it was a blast to record.
  12. El Pablo

    HNGD: '58 aged Les Paul in Pale Whisky Burst

    I admire your collection. Other than the OR, what amps do you play through?
  13. El Pablo

    So, What'cha listen to today?

    Another heavy tune (in my book). I listen to this when jogging and lifting. My wife is not a fan.
  14. El Pablo

    So, What'cha listen to today?

    For a change of taste, I find the new Gojira as solud contender for Metal Album of the Year.
  15. El Pablo

    So, What'cha listen to today?

    Ansley Lister, Troubled Soul. I just enjoy this tone and melodic playing. Very soothing.
  16. El Pablo

    10k to spend what should I buy ?

    No need to spend it in one place.. With what you have to start, you could get more mileage with the following: A PRS DGT ($4,000), OR a high-end Strat and Tele ($4,000) An amp of your liking ($2,000-$3,000) A loaded pedal-board with quality pedals ($3,000)
  17. El Pablo

    NGD: Les Paul Standard 60s Unburst

  18. El Pablo

    27 year old son , no job for 7 months now, hardly leaves his room playing video games

    First of all, best of luck. You may try family counseling. This could prove beneficial for you, your wife and your son. You will likely discover underlying issues. These sessions are very "safe" places for EVERYONE to open up. If you are worried about your son's mental wellness, there is no...

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