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  1. Bluesman1956

    Customs vs Historics which one is the better guitar?

    I have a 2006 R8, I’ve been happy with it sound and looks great.
  2. Bluesman1956

    Why do the majority of new Custom Shop LP reisues have poorly fitting pickguards?

    I agree my 2006 R8 has no cosmetic issues and is fairly true to vintage specs as a VOS.
  3. Bluesman1956

    How'd you break your headstock?

    Never broke one that’s why I’ll only gig with Fenders and PRSs. The Gibsons stay home or for studio work only. No matter how careful you are at live performances s#%! Happens.
  4. Bluesman1956

    Speaker Replacement for Vibrolux

    I have a 70s Vibrolux 2/10. The amp sounds great with no issues. The problem being it has replacement Jensens ceramics made in Italy, and they sound awful and breakup way to early. I’m learning towards a pair of either Wharehouse G10C or G10C/S replacements. They are rated at 75watts @8 ohms...
  5. Bluesman1956

    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    Absolutely correct, master one guitar and be intimate with it and you’ll benefit greatly. Unfortunately along the way some of us during our quest for tone and immulation of our guitar hero’s get off track and start to collect instead of playing. I always seem at the end of day to return to my...
  6. Bluesman1956

    What's the deal with LP weight?

    I really can’t deal with heavy weight guitars in general anymore. That’s why I went from the LP to a PRS due to playing 3 sets a night. I have a R8 , great guitar, Which is in the mid 8lbs range but even that is pushing it over the course of the night.
  7. Bluesman1956

    Old Strings VS New strings

    I notice a flater less vibrant sound and also tuning issues with worn strings. But it varies with use and keeping the strings clean with Fret Fast after use goes a long way to extending the life of strings. Keep them in their cases also help.
  8. Bluesman1956

    Tuning Issues

    That’s your opinion but not gospel
  9. Bluesman1956

    Tuning Issues

    Your absolutely correct, the Gibson head stock design has always been its a major design flaw, Leo Fender saw this and corrected the problem, Paul Reed Smith also realized it and made a superior product.
  10. Bluesman1956

    Tuning Issues

    Trade 5 of them for PRSs keep one for a wall display, that’s what I did.
  11. Bluesman1956

    Plain vs Flame. Less is More ?

    As a plain top owner after previously posting and viewing the others, the R8 “plain top” is a great value as compared with the blingy 59s and 60s. I’m a player type so I’ll leave the pretty ones to the collectors and need to have it people
  12. Bluesman1956

    Is the Gibson 335 The Best Guitar Ever Made?

    Pure conjecture
  13. Bluesman1956

    Couldn’t wait for a Tele

    Got to have a Tele though I use other guitars for the most part due to the bands material the Tele is always the at ready.
  14. Bluesman1956

    Which Telecaster Should I Nab?

    50 Fender Original Tele is for me!!
  15. Bluesman1956

    Used R8 Pricing

    I got my R8 in a trade a few years ago it’s pretty period correct with that chunky neck profile and lightly flamed top. Think it’s a good option if you want to get into the Historic game short of a R9-0. It’s also on the lighter side weight wise. The prices are all over the place think the low...
  16. Bluesman1956

    Les Pauls are AMAZING guitars... BUT...

    There you go here’s my Suhr, love it!!
  17. Bluesman1956

    Les Pauls are AMAZING guitars... BUT...

    I have a PRS core model “Paul’s Guitar”

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