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  1. Grenville

    LS80 needs refret. How big of a deal are nibs?

    If you play the guitar, don't worry about it.
  2. Grenville

    2019-2021 LP Standard 50s muddy neck pickup. Please help

    I rewired the neck pickup coils to parallel instead of in-series, slightly less volume and a lot clearer. You need to have 4-conductor wiring on your pickup though.
  3. Grenville

    13 years later, 7.5 lbs of Korina Weirdness

    Stunning, well done.
  4. Grenville

    Updated home pedalboards

    How is the PastFX M1-A compared to the Rams Head Muff? I was looking at the M1-A but a Muff came up at the right price and I went with that, but curious about the PastFX stuff still.
  5. Grenville

    Treble bleed wiring on LP. Does it work with both 50's and modern wiring?

    Works for me. I have my neck pickup wired with the coils in parallel instead of in series. Added the PRS style treble bleed (just a cap) and didn't like it, tried a Kinman style cap and resistor and did like that. 50s style wiring apart from that. Oh, and the resistor on the bridge pickup...
  6. Grenville

    New to MLP NGD!!!

    Unless I'm mistaken, SX/Essex is a sister brand to Agile, under the Rondo Music umbrella linked to by Zombywoof in post #2. Looks like a cool guitar, HNGD!
  7. Grenville

    wtf ...whatever ....someone else's view .....ten best of Nipon

    Read some of the other articles on that site. Some of the "facts" are absolutely comical.
  8. Grenville

    wtf ...whatever ....someone else's view .....ten best of Nipon

    Er, initiation test for new Sweetwater interns; write a "ten best" list and see how many things you can get wrong in each listing?
  9. Grenville

    New guitar: Eastman SB59 with monsterflames

    Looks great, Dutch! How are you finding the neck? The neck on my SB55DC/v is a little wider than I'm used to, and felt slightly hard-edged compared to the worn-in feel of the rest of the guitar. I took it to a local luthier to get the edges rolled; it took a tiny amount of work and made a...
  10. Grenville

    For those who wanna go all the way.

    Bought a Faber bridge for my Tokai Reborn Old LP-type and it's great. Steel studs for the tailpiece affected the eq, tightened and clarified the neck pickup tone in a nice way. Bought a Faber bridge for the MIJ Bacchus Flying V I bought a couple of years ago, but the MIK zamac bridge that was...
  11. Grenville

    Seek help : Fernandes LP GoldTop P90, from 80s?

    Looks like a good guitar. In case you don't know, Fernandes and Burny are the same company; Les Paul style guitars usually have the Burny brand but sometimes do appear as Fernandes.
  12. Grenville

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Hi knarf, Here's the 1976 catalog showing the 2350 model: As you can see, they changed the headstock shape in 1976. The catalog you posted shows that a 2350 can have block inlays or trapezoid inlays, both with a split...
  13. Grenville

    Tokai Love Rock 124 LSS

    Well done!
  14. Grenville

    Orville electronics - single fault?

    It appears none of us can diagnose the cause of your problem. You'll need to go to someone who knows electronics and can test things properly. It does sound as though your pickup is the problem. If it is, chances are a pickup winder could repair it.
  15. Grenville

    1975 Ibanez, ID? I think Model 2456, but any ideas?

    Yes, that's a 1976 version of the 2456. Ibanez changed the headstock design of their Gibson style guitars in 1976, and had pretty much replaced the Gibson copies altogether with their own designs by 1977. Your guitar does seem to have a changed tailpiece, tuners, pickups and bridge. The 1975...
  16. Grenville

    Nerdville Tax Shelter?

    Is it true? I have no idea. But it sounds feasible, and possible. I read years ago about the Eagles guys buying nice guitars each year as tax writeoffs ("tools of our trade").
  17. Grenville

    About this guitar... worth it?

    A$2k = Australian money, worth about 1/3 less than US$2k, ie about $1400 US dollars. If a 1978 LS100 surfaced locally for that I'd consider it bargain of the decade. The model does make a difference, different models are at different price points. Superficially similar looking guitars can...
  18. Grenville

    About this guitar... worth it?

    A$2k might be too much for this one, but the ad has been up for awhile so he might be open to offers:
  19. Grenville

    About this guitar... worth it?

    Nah, the A$1000 import limit before duty was scrapped a couple of years ago thanks to the campaigning and public crying of a local discount retailer. Eagle X, my opinion is if you can spend the money you will have a very nice guitar. Cheaper than a Gibson, cheaper than you could get a new...
  20. Grenville

    JHS Little Black Amp Box

    I think you're barking up the wrong tree completely with this. You're confused because you're imagining it doing things it's actually not intended for. Get your distortion by increasing your Gain control and then adjusting your Master for an acceptable final volume. Your clean channel isn't...

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