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    fs/ft Gibson SG. tweedy. Rare. 61 reissue. vibrola

    Rare model. 1961 reissue. Gibson sg. With Vibrola. Stunning finish. Playability and condition :slash: superb . Burstbuckers. Hard case. Set up. Ex pro guitar. Studio use only will trade for les paul
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    wanted uk - Gibson SG

    HI all I am after a Gibson SG What do you have to sell,
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    GIBSON L6S - info needed

    Hi guys, whay can you all tell me about these guitars,I am selling mine and would like to give accurate info I will take some proper pics when I can BTW open to trades - this will be my first trade, I am ok to do it by posting, as long as tracking codes are used from the...
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    Gibson c1974, uk,trades or sale !!l6s

    Hi,:) I will take some proper pics when I can BTW this will be my first trade, I am ok to do it by posting, as long as tracking codes are used from the parcel office:slash: I bought this to try and it plays well, and is certainly vintage, however its not really for me. so...
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    Greco Frampton Model

    Can anyone tell me more about this guitar, when I bought it I was told it was a frampton model, but not really knowing much about frampton this has left me intrigued as to what this model is based on. I am selling it now reluctantly, and it might help with the sale, also it would end my...
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    Greco lp 1978 - uk - £500

    Hi all I have a Greco from 1978 for sale, its a lovely guitar, eg600. Amazing tone and really low action, £500 and £540 with hard case:slash: I am happy to post or if your midlands way then come and try and buy. I also have a tokai tele(£300 -pre 82) a dano from the sixties (£500), a...
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    Hey all, I have a lovely ls125 for sale, high quality, superior build, made in japan and with a killer hard case. :slash: I might consider trades but really i need cash so through me an offer, I have seen one on gumtree for £650 so I am looking for around £600 plus.
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    For sale uk - epiphone scroll, 1970s guitar,japanese made !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have an epiphone scroll for sale :slash: <P> Its from the 1970s, very rare,made in japan. These get great reviews, and seem to vary in prices a lot, on the german ebay theres one for £800 and one for a £1000, here i have seen one other on gumtree for around the £500 so I have put it...
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    odd 70s Gibsons - are they any good ?????

    I have thumbed through this book with a few unusual looking seventies Gibsons, things like the paul, the recording, etc. are there any of those odd ones that would be worth getting, I saw they got even odder in the 80s, fat strat gibsons and that kind of thing
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    lp or lp deluxe wanted - uk buyer

    Let me know what you have Thanks Pete
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    UK SALE - yamaha sg 1979/80 and old Fender from 1965

    Open to offers and trades.
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    Wanted - orange amp or fender amp - tube - 70s if possible

    I am looking for a nice not to huge valve amp, Fender, orange,vox, the older the better really. without going to mad on price. lol I am in the uk
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    Fender mustang 1965, refinshed but cool - uk - £750

    Its a wonderful guitar, but my guitar habit has gone a little haywire,and I need to sell a few bits. this one is an original 65 mustang, plays great, amazing neck, its refinished not sure you would know, but thats how I bought it,the pick ups were changed sometime before I got it, and they are...
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    Gibson 1987 les paul junior for sale

    Hi its made in 1987, looks stunning as you can see in the photos, includes a hardcase, can be posted or collected, paypal ok if buyer pays fees. condition is very good, I would say 9 out of 10. And it sounds just amazing, been spreading myself thin a little with cash, and have a few things I...
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    how much would a slash epi cost me in the uk. used

    I am on the look out, any idea how much I will have to pay for one ?
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    slash epi - uk

    any ideas where I can get a slash epi ?
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    UK sellers thread

    And to kick it off I have a gilmour strat copy, fender mex body,usa pick ups, and gilmour switch mod, black reliced and stylish I have a Gordon Smith coil tapped hand made guitar I have a ESP LTD Truckster. and a few pedals, behringer (so cheap but fun)
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    Hello Hello - uker joining

    please add me if your from the uk, I have been browsing the site and theres some really cool stuff being posted. excellent community. I hope there are at least a few ukers on here
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    Fender gilmour copy

    I have built this gilmour copy, with a switch to have the bridge and neck on at the same time, and it has usa pickups, but I am struggling with the intonation. any tips
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    uk - Gordon smith for sale

    Just put this in the ebay section, not sure if I just link to here or not but heres a pic

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