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  1. J

    Happy Father's day!

    All the best!
  2. J

    No! A million times no!

    Rogue Ales & Spirits
  3. J

    Kermit and Miss Piggy breaking up is not newsworthy!

    That is all.
  4. J

    Am I the only one this annoys?

    Retail sites that will not allow browsing without an email address or facebook sign in. Porn has fewer pop-ups, FFS! I've decided to boycott companies following this annoying practice.
  5. J

    Happy Father's day!

    To all the dads.
  6. J

    A poop transplant isn't that bad

    It's real, people.
  7. J

    Soundtrack of your life...

    A certain amount of my time ends up dedicated to silly (bordering on stupid) thoughts. At any rate: I was wondering if people have certain songs that would explain who they are or how they see and interact with the world. Coming up with 10 would take a lot of time/thought but here's one...
  8. J

    Dance break!

    Ally Mcbeal - John Cage Birthday Present Barry White - YouTube
  9. J

    Happy Father's day!

    To all the Dads, step-Dads, and father figures.
  10. J

    Great news for Mal's island!!!

    Ban lifted on Medicare coverage for sex change surgery - The Washington Post
  11. J

    I'm standing at the crossroads....

    Picked up my guitar (after months of inactivity) and sucked balls. Too busy for playing and can't see that changing for a long time. Have any of you had that Sell my gear, or play more moment? My gear includes amp, electric, acoustic, and tuner so we're not talking about a lot of stuff...
  12. J

    Fit mom fights back against Facebook haters!

    Good for her! Yahoo Shine - Women's Lifestyle | Healthy Living and Fashion Blogs
  13. J

    Am I the only one getting a little sick of online shopping?

    Friday night* I needed something for this week. Went a website I've used before and tried paying through PayPal.. no dice and it emptied my shopping cart. Second time, same result. Third time, same result. Finally I figured there was a PayPal problem and used a credit card.... or course the same...
  14. J

    Poop transplant may cure obesity for some

    DGF texted me about it this morning. Obesity, Gut Bacteria, and Poop Transplants "A study just released in Science shows that mice that receive intestinal bacterial from fat people get fatter than mice colonized with gut bacteria from thin people. The results demonstrate how bacteria in the...
  15. J

    Ever have a set of strings sound "wrong"?

    Broke a string yesterday. Installed another set of Pyramid Blues and something just doesn't sound right. Low E sounds floppy and the other strings just weird. It's annoying!
  16. J

    Someone please come cut my cable off

    I'm watching Myrtle Manor. A kick in the nuts wouldn't be the world's worst idea. :)
  17. J

    Kindle HD vs. Ipad Mini

    Anyone up on the pros/cons of each? 90% of my use will be as a reader. I really don't do "work" on my computer so it's pretty much impossible spending extra on an iPad will magically increase productivity. Kindle seems like a better fit but I thought people here might lend their perspectives.
  18. J

    Thoughts on home schooling.

    Just curious.
  19. J

    Do you ever complain about a bad product or horrible service?

    I don't do it often but occasionally find giving feedback over something really crappy necessary. I haven't had any bad service lately but happened to be thinking about a joke DGF made while making lunch.
  20. J

    Why aren't e-books cheaper?

    I don't expect them to be free, just not the same price as actual books.

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