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    Vintage Relic ES335 harness-$65

    Brand new, never installed Vintage Relic wiring harness for ES-335 guitars. CTS 500k pots, Switchcraft switch and .022uF Orange drop caps. Comes with a black switch tip. $65 shipped/PPed
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    Vintage taper metric pots?

    Do they exist? I had ordered a VIPot harness for my ‘81 Tokai ES100J, but canceled the order. Can’t bring myself to drill out the holes. I’ve done it before, but can’t seem to bring myself to to do it on the ES. So...are there any quality metric shaft pots with a vintage taper? I have a...
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    New Faber ABRM for MIJ guitars-$46

    Sold pending payment
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    ‘81 Tokai ES-100 pickups?

    Anyone know what pickups were stock in the ‘81 ES-100s? I just swapped the bridge magnet for a UOA5. Black bobbins, silver baseplate, I think steel baseplate screws and white hookup wire. No sticker or unique identifying marks. Just a plain silver baseplate. Whatever they are, they sound...
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    Matamp Series 2000 Reissue head

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    Surprisingly don’t see a lot of talk here about the VIPots. Unless I missed the thread. Just installed...and managed to fry some VIPots in a MIJ Les Paul. Before frying the pots, I did manage to hear how they sound. o_O Really nice taper and they stay nice and clear from 8-5. Down side is they...
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    Just got these beauties from ReWind

    Just arrived from James. Thanks James! 3 varieties of rough cast A5 magnets! Going in my OX4 set possibly. Call me crazy, but these look sexy! Am I a nerd or what!? :eek2:
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    Pyramid Monel Classics .009-.042 11 sets-$60

    I have 11 sets of Pyramid Monel Classics in .009-.042 gauge All 11 sets for $60 shipped and paypaled in the lower 48.
  9. J

    Crews KTR Standard clip

  10. J

    Monty’s PAF?

    Any owners? Thoughts? I just ordered a set. A little worried the bridge will be too low output. They sound phenomenal in clips though. I have a set of ReWind Low Winds with A2 neck and A5 bridge and they’re one of my favorite sets. Had to swap the original bridge A2 to A5 to give it the extra...
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    DNGD-Crews KTR & vintage Tokai

    Dual new guitar day! A 2012 Crews KTR Standard w/NFS Weep BB/ZB pick ups and a 1981 Tokai ES100J! Man, these guitars are SWEET! “30 years air drying” South American Mahogany neck on the Crews. North American plain hard maple top(lots of grain!), Asian Rosewood board & African mahogany back...
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    New Throbak Day-PG-102

    Just installed a set of Throbak PG-102 in my '83 Tokai LS-120. These are by far the best Peter Green style pickups I've owned. Owned WCR Green/Moore, W-B Peter Greens, Bare Knuckle PG Blues, Shed Supernaturals, 57 Classics w/flipped mag, Gotoh MK2 w/flipped mag and Manlius Fat Dianes w/flipped...
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    OX4 "Green" set

    Just ordered a set from Carter Vintage. Any users care to comment on these? Anyone have both Mark's regular A4 winds and the Green set? I own a set of Mark's A4 winds and wondered how the Green set with A5s compare. Obviously, there's The out of phase thing...
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    Differences between vintage Love Rocks and Historic RIs?

    Those that have experience with both care to chime in? Thinking about buying a used R8 and already own a '80 LS80 and a '83 Ls120. Both Tokais have been fitted with vintage bees, proper CTS pots and Manlius and OX4 pickups. Can't imagine the tone getting any better. Is it a feel thing? Or some...
  15. J

    CTS now making metric potentiometers

    Maybe this is old news, but I just heard the news from Lonnie at Creamtone. I just ordered a custom bumblebee harness with metric pots for my '81 LS120. :thumb: Happy to be putting away my tapered reamer!:D
  16. J

    Badgerplex Pre AC-$110 shipped/PP

    Badgerplex Echoplex EP3 Preamp in a pedal in excellent condition. Has a replacement power cable. AC version with the AC power chord and no buffer switch. Great for sweetening your base tone or warming up a digital delay.
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    FS Gotoh Nashville Tuneomatics $20

    Brand New, never used nickel Faber ABR-1-sold For MIA Gibson ABR-1 replacement. Brand New, never used nickel Gotoh Nashville Tuneomatic Bridge-$25 shipped and paypaled. I have 2 of these for sale at $20 each. For MIJ 4mm bridge posts. Curt Mangan 9.5-44 Nickel wound strings. Brand new...
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    WB **** Peter Greens-SOLD

    WB **** Peter Green set. Some wear on the covers, some light scratches and tarnishing-8/8.5 out of 10 condition. Perfect working order. Ordered before WB did the limited edition run sold through BCR. Both neck and bridge uses the NOS '67 wire as opposed to the formvar neck of the BCR run. SOLD
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    Shed supernaturals

    Just installed a set of Shed Supernaturals in my '02 Tokai LS-200. I am completely floored! Took a lot of effort to pull myself away to write this review. Nothing I have had in my Tokai has even come close to the Sheds!!! I've previously had Gotoh MKII, '57 Classics, Duncan '59...
  20. J

    FS:WCR, Bare Knuckle, Fender CS, Faber

    All prices shipped/Paypal to the lower 48 via USPS Priority w/confirmation. Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Bridge Pickup-Excellent condition, full leads. $40 WCR Moore/Green Bridge Pickup-Cover removed, zebra bobbins, 7" worth of lead(vintage braided). Basically a Darkburst bridge I believe...

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