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    Vintage style 50's wiring kit recommendations

    Jonesy Blues 50s harness I have in 2 of my guitars and they are great. 550k pots, audio taper 50s wiring. Controls are really smooth and useful for tone and volume. He is also a vendor on this site.
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    1956 Gold Top Re-Finish

    I would vote for a proper vintage GOLD. Send it to Historic Makeovers, or Yuuki, but please don't burst it. The guitar is a wonderful 56 and should stay that way. It is yours to do as you like, but i would keep it preserved as what it is, a great 56! Congrats on the great purchase, i wish I...
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    Silicon, Silicon/Germanium Hybrid, and Germanium Fuzzes

    I ended up ordering a random FX twin bender after watching Pete Thorn doing a demo. Sorry I got impatient on the tone quest, but I am off the list for your future pedal. I bet it will be a nice one though. Others should jump in here!
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    Silicon, Silicon/Germanium Hybrid, and Germanium Fuzzes

    Possibly interested in MKII style tonebender or supafuzz. Post here what you end up building. The clip you have of Jeff Beck: Ain't superstitious is the sound i am seeking.
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    Looking to try some new strings

    I like NYXLs as well, but I recently have tried Pyramid pure nickels in 9s and in 8s and they are fantastic. Pyramid strings are german made, and are excellent for feel and tone. I have tried DRs, normal D-addarios, GHS, and Pyramid are better for me in feel and tone. They have 2 choices in...
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    Faber Bridge Saddles

    They are brighter. You generally only use them on the bass side strings, E, A, D, and not on the G.B.E. They do seem to make the bass side more punchy and "crisp". I have them on my guitar and do like them. I would not want them on the higher strings as they would be too much.
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Interested in a les paul 1954-55 style custom, with P90s, or P90 and staple alnico 5 in the neck. Not sure if any Japanese makers have that configuration. Would like an ebony board, black beauty style custom with P90s. If you know of one please post! thanks
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    Just a gorgeous guitar, stunning. Wish I had the money. Good luck with sale although I don’t think you will need it considering the quality and price.
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    Anyone see a 1956 Les Paul epiphone P90 pro in candy apple red yet?

    Have you had a chance to play it through an amp yet? In for updates on how it sounds and feels with an Amp now that you have had it a few days....
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    Anyone see a 1956 Les Paul epiphone P90 pro in candy apple red yet?

    Wow that looks great. From Japan of course. Please let me know how it plays and feels when you get it, very excited to hear more....
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    Anyone see a 1956 Les Paul epiphone P90 pro in candy apple red yet?

    Have not gotten a candy red one yet, was actually looking for a gift for my brother. My Chicago blue one is nice, but I bought that used with upgrades already on it so it plays very well. The neck pickup does not lay parallel to the strings, but the sound is good so I don’t mess with shimming...
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    Anyone see a 1956 Les Paul epiphone P90 pro in candy apple red yet?

    Saw one on ebay from Japan, it was a 2017 model made in china like the other limited chicago blue P90 that I own. Anyway it looks incredible, cream kluson style tuners, cream p90s, cream guard, looks like a metallic dark candy red with cream binding. Only problem is with shipping it would be...
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    Chords in Key

    I just wanted to thank JonR and Quill for explaining in a way that turned on the lightbulb as to why the chord sequence in a particular key is the way it is. The stacked 3 note notation really opened my eyes, and I think I actually understand it. Thank you to all in this excellent thread. I...
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    Are 1989 Koreans good Epiphones?

    I have a 1989 Epi standard, and it has the open book headstock and old style tuners that still work just fine. I think they are good guitars, and I do agree that the electronics, especially the pickup switch can wear, but with a new switchcraft switch and jack mine plays great. I did get the...
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    What type of strap locks do you use?

    Schaller, the way they rotate smoothly is great, and they don't pop off.
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    FS: More Pedals

    Thanks for the help on the post count, will do that. This one will help too!
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    FS: More Pedals

    Interested in the worm pedal. Cant seem to send a PM though. Can you PM me the lowest you might take for it? Thanks..
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    FS: TonePros lightweight aluminum locking tailpiece w/ studs etc.

    Is it aluminum, the T1 ZSA part number for Tonepros? I could not tell from the packaging. Let me know if that is correct as I am interested if it is the T1 ZSA part. Thanks...
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    1989 epiphone

    Hi Gitfiddle, love your guitar! I also have an 89 les paul, looks exactly like yours except my bindings have yellowed some, and I put on a gotoh bridge and tailpiece. They must have used a similar flame laminate on many 89's, but I do like them. Mine still has the original tuners and pickups...

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