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    Tell me about the recent years' (2015 onward) 1968 LP Custom Reissues

    I can't find any in stores in my area, but am intrigued by the '68 Customs. Am I correct to assume they are a blend of R7s (maple cap) and '57 Customs, with witch hat knobs? Anything else set them apart from the pack?
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    NGD: Les Paul Custom 3-Pickup Black Beauty

    Yesterday I picked up a guitar that I have long dreamed of owning - a 57RI Les Paul Custom 3-Pickup Black Beauty. This one is a 2013 Custom Shop 20th Anniversary - apparently they only made 100 of these - and Sam Ash out here in Hollywood (where I bought it) is the only store I have seen one in...
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    Ngd: 2016 es-335 1958

    Just took delivery of one of the new 1958 ES-335's. Obviously, the honeymoon period has just started, but I am very impressed by this guitar. The finish is beautiful and it has a nice, chunky neck (very much like current R8s); the lack of binding is actually kind of cool (I was worried I...
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    2013 Gibson Memphis 50th Anniversary '63 ES-335 - Cherry

    For sale (no trades, sorry): 2013 Gibson Memphis 50th Anniversary 1963 ES-335 in Cherry with original hard shell case. This is a great specimen - lightweight, very resonant and warm sounding, with a tapered neck that gets medium chunky on the upper frets. Comes with stock Burstbuckers and...
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    FS: 2013 Gibson Custom Shop SG Standard w/Maestro vibrola - cherry

    For sale: 2013 Gibson Custom Shop SG Standard w/Maestro vibrola in Cherry. $2,600 (or best offer) + shipping. Great specimen of a CS SG with a vibrola that stays in tune!! Light weight, super resonant body and slender neck profile (but still more substantial than your average Gibson USA...
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    NGD True Historic 1958

    Well, I honestly thought I would never do this, but here is my NGD post for a True Historic 1958. I tried to hold out against the THs, fellas...I honestly did...but when I stumbled upon this at my local Sam Ash yesterday, I became obsessed with owning it, even though it means I now have to...
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    Price check on new 1958 True Historic

    Hey folks, Do you think $5700 (U.S.) is a good price for a new True Historic '58 with an OK top (very light flame) and dark board?
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    Historic withdrawal syndrome

    On the 11th of October I left my Historic R8 (and all other guitars) at home and embarked on what was to be a one week business trip. Here is it is 31st and I am still on that trip, with another week to go until I am home. I am now suffering from Historic withdrawal syndrome and dreaming...
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    Will 2016 price drop be applied to True Historics?

    So, for the 2016 models (which are already popping up), Gibson USA is returning to pre-2015 specs (at least on a number of models) and dropping their prices a bit. What are the chances that Gibson Custom shop will follow suit and lower prices on True Historics? Do you think that the...
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    Gibson changes tune: Electronics before guitars

    Article on Gibson's shifting priorities: Gibson changes tune: Electronics before guitars
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    NGD CS SG with Custom Buckers

    So, I picked up a Custom Shop SG last week and it arrived Thursday night - a lightly used, mint condition 2013 with a Maestro. I spent a few hours yesterday dialing in the truss rod, bridge and pickup height and now it is playing nice and smooth. The weight is 7.3 lbs (about average for a...
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    Shanks first impressions, neck carve question

    A used Shanks popped up at a local store, so I decided to check it out today (never played one before). I brought my R8 to compared against it, as well as a 2013 R9 at the store. The first thing that jumped out at me was how flat and thin the neck is on the Shanks - it way more resembled a...
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    WTB: CS SG Std or SG Custom w/Maestro

    OK, folks, who in the USA has a Custom Shop SG Standard or SG Custom with Maestro that they are looking to sell? (Note that I don't have anything to trade right now) My preferences is for a 2013 or 2014 model, but will certainly consider other years. I especially like SG's that are under 8...
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    No 2015 CS SGs (except Brian Ray), LP Jrs, Specials?

    I really don't understand the way the Custom Shop is being run right now - why have they not made any 2015 SGs (except for Brian Ray), LP Jrs, or Specials? I have been looking for a new cherry SG w/Maestro with the post-2013 specs and all of the US dealers that post their inventory online...
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    What makes for a great ES-335?

    Without turning this into a NGD thread, I picked up a new ES335 yesterday - it's a 2013 50th Anniversary 1963 Reissue, which is the fifth ES-335 I've owned in my life and probably the best (though I have to wait for the Honeymoon to end before making an unbiased judgement like that). As I...
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    NGD 2014 R8 Plaintop VOS

    Fresh off the FedEx truck, here is my brand new 2014 R8 Plaintop VOS in Sunrise Teaburst. Got a great deal on this from Zzounds through their price match - well below their list price.
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    Is there a nickname for tops with an "eye"?

    So, I just put a deposit down on this 2014 plaintop R8 with an "eye" on it - which has me wondering, is there a common nickname for this style of top (other than just "plaintop")?
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    New 58 True Historic teaser from Gibson Custom Shop

    Gibson just posted a new teaser ad for the '58 True Historic on their FB page: "Vintage Dark Burst"
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    Historic SG prices exploding too?

    Has anyone else noticed a huge increase in Historic SG prices recently? I have been thinking about getting a new CS SG with Maestro and the prices are insane now - I bought my last new SG from Zzounds in 2011 for around $2600 - they are now on average $1000-$1500 more expensive, with Musicians...

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