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    If you could only have one....

    Les Paul Custom Les Paul R7 Gold top Which would you have?
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    Reissue neck angles

    Have the neck angles changed on 2020/21 guitars? A retailer has 5 reissues and the all have similarly high bridges. Whilst this isn't abnormal it also it's the norm. The majority of reissues I've seen had much lower bridges.
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    2020 USA 335

    I got my cherry sixties ES335 in late 2020 and it's a fine instrument. However, it stinks of chemicals and I can only play it for a few minutes before my chest feels tight and I start coughing. My R7 has a sweet nitro smell. It isn't particularly offputting. My Custom Shop Telecaster has a...
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    R8 marks on fretboard

    Any idea what the lines are that run the entire length of each fret either side of them?
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    335 neck pickup angle

    Is this normal? Surely not??
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    My USA 335.....

    I've got a 'Sixties' ES335. It has a fat neck, great low action and sounds good. However, compared to my R7 and R8 LPs it just doesn't feel or play premium somehow despite costing a fair bit. My LPs feel like they were made by Stradivarius and my 335 feels like it was built by a machine in...
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    Strings not passing pole pieces

    In this CS '57 Special what could be the reason that the strings don't properly line up with the pickup pole pieces, especially on the treble side of the bridge pickup? Is it a wraparound tailpiece string spacing issue or has something been drilled/mounted incorrectly?
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    Finish cracking...

    I've just noticed a new crack in the finish on my 2010 LP Custom. It runs from around the 5th fret to the 9th and only on the bass side of the neck. Is this normal in this location and will it get any worse? Is this kind of stuff more noticeable on a white LP?
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    Brand new R7 VOS headstock scratches?

    I received a brand new VOS gold top today and was wondering if some smudges and light surface scratches were typical on the shiny black surface of the VOS headstock? I'm thinking it's perhaps where someone at the store has attached one of those clip-on tuners. Is there any way to remove light...
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    Nitro smell?

    My early 2019 LP Standard and late 2019 LP Special both still absolutely stink of solvents. They smell like a chemicals factory and if I"m around them my lungs feel sore.....which is more than a bit worrying. I've just taken delivery of a brand new ES335 and it doesn't smell even one quarter...
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    Differemces between different examples of the same model.

    I have four Les Pauls; a Custom, two Standards and a Special. One of my Standards plays the best out of all of them. Even though they all have approximately the same (very low) action, it feels silky smooth with no buzzing and the fretwork is plain better. My Special and Custom are a slight step...

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