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  1. lexluthier

    westone prestige 250

    I recently picked this one up. Saw it in a shop, played it for 2 hours! Great guitar.
  2. lexluthier

    NOAD - Dean Markley CD60

    I have 3 CD60's and a CD212. Great amps. The jfets for channel switching can go bad, but they are easily replaceable. The only impossible to find parts are the potentiometers. I usually take the pots apart and carefully clean them, spraying them with Deoxit is useless. F&T electrolytic caps fit...
  3. lexluthier

    Doug & Pat Cork Sniffers Burst vs Reissues comparison video

    3 support pieces on the knobs??? The knobs are cracked! LOL
  4. lexluthier

    My "Van Fire" Les Paul

    Nice save! As a vintage VW owner, one thing that needs to do often is replace the fuel lines. They tend to get cooked from the heat, get brittle, and break. I just put all new fuel lines in my bus. I had a close call years ago, learned my lesson.
  5. lexluthier

    Custom Shop Les Pauls With Bad Neck Profiles

    I have a Music Man with an asymmetric neck. At first it felt odd, but once I got used to it, I liked it.
  6. lexluthier

    Manny's Music is No Longer Standing :(

    48th St was quite the place, went there in the 80's, guitars everywhere: Mannys, Sam Ash, We Buy Guitars, Rudys, 48th St Custom...
  7. lexluthier

    Cool Z Guitars

    I have a Cool Z ZLS-1 LP copy. It was made by Fujigen and it's quite nice, very nicely made. The bridge and tailpiece are Gotoh, and has Grover tuners. It has a long tenon and a Gibson style single action truss rod. The electronics are pretty much like any other far east import guitar, so that...
  8. lexluthier

    What Did Henry Juszkiewicz Get Right?

    I think Henry and Dave did a great job turning the company around after they bought it. For a number of years, it looked like they were doing pretty well. The Historic/Custom Shop was another great move. It's just when Henry decided to turn Gibson into a lifestyle company and started getting...
  9. lexluthier

    LPF Lily has passed away

    I agree Lily deserves a better tribute than that. With that said, she did stay behind the scenes for the most part. Lily and I had our differences, but it still saddens me she is gone. FWIW, she didn't start the LPF, I did. Dave P
  10. lexluthier

    Can you remember the fx pedals you've let go AND wish you hadn't?

    A bunch of old Electro Harmonix pedals I sold a pedal dealer around 20 years ago, got a lot of money for them but there are a few I should have kept. Sweet Sound univibe, it was huge and sounded great, why did I sell it? Old Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (2) old D'Armond tremolo units, the...
  11. lexluthier

    Ever Seen an Opening Band Out-Perform the Headliner?

    Saw Armored Saint open for Metallica in a small club in the early 80's. Armored Saint kicked some serious ass, they were heavy and really tight, and the late Dave Pritchard was blazing on his black Jackson. I was very impressed. On the other hand, Metallica came out and was so-so, kind of sloppy...
  12. lexluthier

    Duesenberg Guitars

    That was exactly my impression when I tried out a few. I had no idea where they were made at the time, but I kept thinking they seemed a lot like Korean made guitars when I was playing them. Nothing wrong with Korean made guitars, but they sure didn't seem like guitars I would plunk down a lot...
  13. lexluthier

    No Dean love?

    I's love to have a Dean Uli Jon Roth Sky guitar that Boris Dommenget builds for Dean. Unfortunately the last one for sale was $23,000 and there's no way I can spring for that. LOL Boris Dommenget Guitarmaker handmade Guitars and Pickups
  14. lexluthier

    Any Coron owners on here?

    My delay looks like this one, has the big switch.
  15. lexluthier

    Zero fret???

    I built this one with a zero fret since you can't put a traditional nut on it. The only thing I never liked about zero frets are that when I bend strings closer to the nut, I always get a 'plink' sound when the string pops in and out of the groove worn in the zero fret. Next time I may try a...
  16. lexluthier

    Hamer USA Studio

    My Hamer Studio, killer guitar
  17. lexluthier

    New "again" pedal day! Jen Wah!

    I really like the sound of those old JEN Italian made wahs.
  18. lexluthier

    Any Coron owners on here?

    I have a Coron analog delay, it must be a later one, it has a big switch on it.
  19. lexluthier

    New Rack Effects....Replifex

    Those older USA made Rocktron units are very cool. I also have a Replifex, and also a couple of early Intellifex and Chameleon units.

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