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    Beauty of the burst book

    I always wanted to buy a copy but never got around to get one. I have a question to those who own one though, is it better to get a hard copy or the paperback is good enough quality, the difference is about 100$ so I’m curious. Also is The Beauty the best book to get about bursts? What about the...
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    Guitaris Magazine ML review

    I think GM did a very fair review of the ML series, in the video there is much praise, but in the article in their newest edition they’ve put a ML junior head to head with a vintage one and it’s easy to see the differences. Conclusion is basically the same as ML owners said on this forum, great...
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    NGM 2019 R8

    So I finally got a custom shop Les Paul and while the price still smarts it’s an incredible guitar. I got it from CME so it’s a CME spec which just makes things more complicated lol. They said that to make it cheaper they call these R8s but everything on them is 59 spec because they choose the...
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    Naturally aged/reliced reissues pictures

    I was thinking that there must be some reissues that show signs of ageing/finish cracking and I’d love to see it. I’ve recently got a R8 VOS and was curious how they look after a few years if they are played a lot. So please show it off if you got it guys!

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