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  1. Rapdog

    Fingerboard radius router bits.

    I have a set of these in radius from 7.5 -17. I have used for a few boards. I found they work great when set up right and planned well. If you are looking for the whole set of radiuses I am clearing out some tools and feel free to pm me if you haven’t purchased any yet.
  2. Rapdog

    Wraparound bridge placement? Do I add to the scale length?

    Any tips for doing a wraparound bridge? 1. It seems to be on a 25” scale the posts are actually placed at 25.25”. How much extra do you add for placement for getting the right intonation? I am planning on using a bridge with adjustable saddles. 2. Some are offset posts and done are at same...
  3. Rapdog

    Wanted: Telecaster bridge pickup

    EMG good enough?
  4. Rapdog

    Neck-through LP, now it’s a scratch build

    Great work Chris. I have to say I appreciate the planning you have to do foe all the right calculations on angles. That top is awesome! Definitely deserves props . Looking forward to more progress shots.
  5. Rapdog

    Bartlett Retrospec sunburst SOLD!! free shipping

    How close to KC? I am in lees summit. Nice to meet a fellow MoKan kid bump for a sweet guitar.
  6. Rapdog

    Opinions on High End Resaw Blades

    Any advice with blades for African Blackwood? I was planning on the wood slicer blades but they may dull too quickly.
  7. Rapdog

    My new CNC.

    Does anyone have experience with the next wave generation SHARK CNC systems? Expensive but seem rigid and have most everything you need. Is v-carve software good for 3D Les Paul type carves? Thanks
  8. Rapdog

    Those of you with CNC machines........

    So what is the consensus on the mill right system? Has anyone tried one/have one? I have been looking at these also,just haven’t pulled the trigger just yet. I can’t bring myself to get and x-carve since I feel I will want to upgrade sooner than later. Thanks. JR
  9. Rapdog

    Fretboard Inlay Template

    I have the trap and headstock also. Let me know if you have the block one with rule of 18’s made. I would want one of those.
  10. Rapdog

    NPD Sigil Pickups Holy Grail LTD 1958 vintage Wire

    This may be an old thread, but do any of you still have your sets? Still like them after all this time? Any thoughts after this amount of time?
  11. Rapdog


  12. Rapdog

    FS Wizz PAFs with aged covers SOLD

    Do you know the color of the bobbins?
  13. Rapdog

    2nd Les Paul build with the Gold Standard Carve Templates (Latin Edition!!)

    The 12” was with the 4th version. The 3rd didn’t have any left evidently.
  14. Rapdog

    2nd Les Paul build with the Gold Standard Carve Templates (Latin Edition!!)

    Thanks. Just orderEd my new jig!!!
  15. Rapdog

    2nd Les Paul build with the Gold Standard Carve Templates (Latin Edition!!)

    Where did you get that fretboard radius jig?That is really cool.
  16. Rapdog

    Plz delete

  17. Rapdog


  18. Rapdog

    Looking to buy a set of Monty's PAF set.

    You wanted impotted correct?
  19. Rapdog

    SOLD: Bartlett Retrospec

    Do you know what Pickups are in this? Thx. JR
  20. Rapdog

    WTB: Throbak Ltd

    Let me know if you have a set for sale. pm and I will send you my email for pics, details, bobbin color, and let me know how much. Thanks.

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