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  1. mptachenko

    Vintage patent # pickup- green enamel coil wire ???

    Anybody know anything about the pickups in the mid 60s when Gibson used green enamel coated wire to wind the bobbins? I popped the cover off an unopened 1960s humbucker assuming it was a T Top but it turned out to be a pre T with green coil wire. I have not been able to find any info. I saw a...
  2. mptachenko

    NGD! R9 2nd time around ?Brazilian?

    I bought this new in 2001 just after my 22nd birthday. It is the one of few guitars I have ever purchased new and I have owned over 50 guitars now (I still have the hang tags and warranty card!). I spent every dime I had and then some to get her. Many gigs later I sold her to my dad because I...

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