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    NGD … 2007 CR8 Faded Tobacco

    Looks awesome! Enjoy!
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    How much does your Historic weigh?

    ‘19 R8, 7 lb 12 oz I disagree with light lps sounding thin, it’s actually got a wide, booming sound. It is different than the tight 9 pounders, but it’s a unique awesome sound.
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    Guitar Stand Protection

    I do have one of those black foam stands and it started sticking to the guitars after a while, I just didn’t have the nitro ones on it, so no damage done. I went the home remedy route and covered the foam parts with black gorilla tape so it doesn’t show at all. Now I have only 3 nitro ones and...
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    Light weight 50's Standard?

    I have an R8 that is 7.8 lb and it does have that ringing, hollow sound, I think lol, it is all so subjective…… but it’s a great guitar and a light les paul just feels so awesome to me, it always did. The first time I realized les paul weight can be a problem was after a sugery I couldn’t play...
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    Pimp my replica.

    That paint job is really nice, good job, it’s beautiful!
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    NGD - 2020 ‘60s Standard Iced Tea

    That color is nice enough to not mind the top, and what’s wrong with a plain top anyways?
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    New guitar day!

    Congrats, good one!
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    Gibson 335 Flamed Ice Tea

    Incredible!!!! Lucky you!!!!
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    Gibson Les Paul Traditional question

    I wouldn’t worry about the laminated boards, I’m sure it will be okay, I had a 2012 and it was great and I did like the 57 classics in it. You have to calculate that since the pandemic the prices have gone up and though reverb has some les Paul traditional around 1600-1700 that is a rare color...
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    Beauty of the burst book

    Thanks for all the reply’s guys, ordered the BOTB, and thanks for the other suggestions also, will check them out! When I looked it up started with ebay and there’s a bunch of offers all over the place then a lot cheaper on amazon, so now I figured it out. There’s some japanese editions going...
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    Beauty of the burst book

    I always wanted to buy a copy but never got around to get one. I have a question to those who own one though, is it better to get a hard copy or the paperback is good enough quality, the difference is about 100$ so I’m curious. Also is The Beauty the best book to get about bursts? What about the...
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    Guitaris Magazine ML review

    I think GM did a very fair review of the ML series, in the video there is much praise, but in the article in their newest edition they’ve put a ML junior head to head with a vintage one and it’s easy to see the differences. Conclusion is basically the same as ML owners said on this forum, great...
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    I wanted one for a while, but kinda forgot about it, the gas is awake now, thanks!!!! Lol
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    PSA: Willcutt's Sell One Month Old Used Murphy Lab Defect as New

    Well my hope for humanity made me say that, because if those guys are serious…….. we have a big problem.
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    PSA: Willcutt's Sell One Month Old Used Murphy Lab Defect as New

    Mod you shouldn’t dump the thread because this is some genius trolling....... made a few minutes of the day for me, at least. Calieng I think by now everybody understands ( I hope the trolls too) that you returned it because you are worried the whole body is going to flake and then it would be...
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    Hot Lanta Sun Bathing

    That sunburn(st) looks dangerous on her. Sorry had to do it :)
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    Historic Juniors/TV Models Worth It?

    I just played a 60 jr today at the price of an ML :). Played real nice too....all it had was a refret..... but honestly I don’t know much about vintage prices
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    NGD: 2021 R9 - Green Lemon

    Great job! I mean literally! I would’ve called in sick! Beautiful guitar man! Congrats!
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    NGM 2019 R8

    That is beautiful, those nice wide flames, awesome! Thanks for showing it! I have smaller hands so the V2 is perfect for me. Lately I find bigger necks more comfortable than smaller ones but the way the V2 is shaped just fills out my hand perfectly. Wow both under 8 lbs. For me it was the weight...

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