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  1. Axe57

    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    30 with this being the latest acquisition last week as a retirement gift
  2. Axe57

    Gibson USA Flametop Friday!

  3. Axe57

    Is This Normal?

    Thank You. I just installed Grover lockers and new strings on the Classic it sings like an angel now.. I'm soo glad I didn't send it back:dude:
  4. Axe57

    Is This Normal?

    No, but this is my first unfinished body in years so..... Hence the confusion.. Once again THANK YOU everyone for informing me :)
  5. Axe57

    Is This Normal?

    Oh dear lord!! I never insinuated that this might be a forgery/fake.. Or that Sweetwater was not reputable.. THEY HAVE BEEN GREAT!! And apparently correct in telling me this was normal.. Pics of two of the other 4
  6. Axe57

    Is This Normal?

    Thanks guys. I feel a lot better.. I really didn't want to return it. I like it!! Now on to important matters On or off
  7. Axe57

    Is This Normal?

    Hey guys, I'm really not trying to be a jerk.. I just can't recall seeing this on any of my Lesters in yrs past. Is this normal? Is it right? I have 4 others and there is no hump and maple cap below the binding on them.. The vendor is telling me it's normal.. I'm trying to be fair.. Thanks...
  8. Axe57

    Looking at a "new" Les Paul

    Awesome SG!! Congrats!! Love that finish :dude:
  9. Axe57

    “Charveled” Fender or real Charvel?

    I have one of those and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised how nice that instrument is.. Nice SD pups. Nice fretwork, Nice and light. Nice tone, the Floyd is rock solid. If the price is right, grab it :)
  10. Axe57

    Promote Your Band!

    A fan generated youtube. The track "Blackmore Road" will be on our upcoming second album
  11. Axe57

    Carvin CS4C

    C22s.. Trust me, the Suhr Aldrich pups are a substantial upgrade :dude:
  12. Axe57

    Carvin CS4C

    One of my favorite instruments. My Carvin CS4C. It had a little surgery this weekend. Then It stared life stock with Carvin electronics and Carvin pickups. And Now. Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups They are GLORIOUS! And a Mojotone solderless kit.
  13. Axe57

    New guitar setup

    "Wouldn't a $2400 brand new 2019 Gibson Les Paul out of the box be setup perfectly? " Everyone's individual preferences are different. Some like ultra low action, some like medium to high. Some folks play 9s Some play 12s. Some prefer std tuning , some a half step down (yours truly :) ) and...
  14. Axe57

    That Guitar You Still Can't Believe You Own?

    2018 LP Std in Cobalt Blue.. I've looked for a long long time for this Les Paul..
  15. Axe57

    Yeah, I like Blue...

    :cheers: 2018 Les Paul Std Cobalt Blue and a 2019 Pelham Blue SG
  16. Axe57

    For The Love of Flame...

  17. Axe57

    For The Love of Flame...

  18. Axe57

    After All These Years... The One!

    Umm, no, I have have it's Epiphone counterpart.. It's not my intention to slam Epiphone here but the difference is quite substantial..

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