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    NGD Tribute+

    Beautiful top! If it were mine tho... I'd swap the white rings & switch for black. And the gold knobs for black tophats with chrome inserts. It just seems that those elements are fighting that lovely top for attention. That's just me. HNGD!
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    Epiphone LP for a Telecaster player?

    I love my LP like I love my wife. But if either goes bad on me... I'll marry for money... And get a ES339. :fingersx:
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    Good looking dog, anyway. Congrats!
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    Epiphone LP for a Telecaster player?

    Personally, I'd pass on the JR and 100. You can get a new 2014, Studio Deluxe for 3 and change - a fantastically, beautiful sounding guitar for that kind of money. Like said above though, the same money will get a Trad Pro or better on CL - if you can find them. You'll find switching from a...
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    Should you be playing your Electric unplugged....?

    When I bought my LP from GC, I took it to an independent luthier to check the setup, and check out the guitar generally. He checked the neck and frets with a gauge, then played it unplugged with his face right up near the top of the neck. After some scales and chords, he announced that it was a...
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    Do different Pickups really make a difference?

    Best advice so far. If you haven't tried it yet, raise the pickups! Then roll back the volume pot just a bit for a sweet, creamy sound that you'd never thought possible with your own pickups. All the advice above is great advice, but two adjustable pickups - both with volume & tone pots -...
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    New Epi tuning/ intonation problems.

    I have a buddy that teaches guitar lessons. One day a guy called him up asking for tips because his playing sounded awful. My buddy suggested that he first change the strings. The guy's response was, "You can change the strings on these things?" I bought my LP off the hook at GC. It sounded...
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    New Epi tuning/ intonation problems.

    Tuning issues is actually not a common problem with Epi LPs - unless you are doing some kool bends on new strings:dude: (But that's not a problem.) They should tune properly right out of the box. I own three guitars. The Epi LP. A Squire Strat. A Martin acoustic. All very different...
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    Dumb question time, are all Epi Les Pauls same size?

    Size! Size! Size! I've got that same Studio Deluxe! Beautiful instrument!!! Just the right size for a Les Paul.:naughty:
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    Project Gibiphone

    Pretty guitar! Love the look with no pickguard. I'd be willing to bet that it sounds a lot like my Studio with no upgrades. :naughty: But those knobs are hurtin your style.
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    just wanted to get some input

    Unless there was an outrageous blunder in manufacturing or transport, you should receive a perfectly working instrument, ready to play right out of the box. There should be nothing wrong with the pots, caps, or wiring. My advice is... don't change a thing. Plug it in. Tune it up. And start...
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    It's all about the combination

    I must have lucked out. I found "Christine" on the rack at GC. No mods to her voice. She's perfect as is! Not so much with the Squire Strat. :dude: She got the mods.
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    My Epi Sounds so Sweet Tonight

    I can totally relate to the above comments. A break always helps. But all too often I play on the bridge pickup. Then I switch to the neck, and it's like discovering afternoon sex!!! A few chords, a few scales, some bends, and I'm in blues heaven. God bless my humble Les Paul.
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    My Epi Sounds so Sweet Tonight

    Playing the neck bridge with the volume rolled back to a 5... played clean through the amp. I honestly can't play for shit. Just do it for myself, but she sounds so bluesy! So sweet! Ever get that feeling?
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    Tonight's new guy.

    Welcome Andy! Post some pix of your gear. We're all guitar voyeurs!
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    First thing that came to my mind too. There's a voice in that graceful sweep that whispers, "Indian".
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    pics of your T+'s knobs mods

    The black cherry is crying out for some black top hats with chrome inserts. IMHO
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    Which should be my first Les Paul? (complete with details links and information)

    I certainly wouldn't paint the pickups. Just leave 'em for now. Who knows, you may want new pups down the road. Here's re-post pics of my Studio Deluxe - before and after with new knobs. I just like the look.:applause:
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    Which should be my first Les Paul? (complete with details links and information)

    I voted for the LP Studio in the survey, but I see that you already got the Standard. A beautiful instrument, I must add!!! The problems you mentioned are easily correctable by someone with the skills to do a good setup on it. I think the most important thing about your first guitar is that...
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    Pots/Capacitor Advice Please...

    The "bump" is an interesting phenomenon. The tone from my 2014 LP Studio (with Orange Drops) is very linear as I roll back the pot. (Fantastic blues notes at that point!!!) On the other hand, I recently installed a fully loaded pickguard on my Squire Strat that has Tex-Mex pups, 500K pots...

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