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  1. Wildman

    Ibanez AX120

    So- for nearly 20 yrs have loved my Les Paul (s). I was out of town this week and stopped in at GC just to see what they had..... (you guys know how that usually goes right....:acoustic: Anyway- I walked out with this Ibanez AX120, I literally could not stop playing this thing- the neck is...
  2. Wildman

    Buyer or Seller Market

    Hey All- In the guitar world currently would you say it’s a buyers market or a sellers market?
  3. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    Hey All- So I pulled the trigger on the Ibanez Artcore for the affordable Hollow Body....liking this one much better than the the bridge pickup sound, has a great feel and plays good...... ($275)
  4. Wildman

    New Les Paul

  5. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    Wise advice- thanks!
  6. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    Ok- so I DO have a Gibson LP Studio with Gibson HC- valued around $800. (Avatar) If I was to upgrade- what’s the next level LP to move up to? And how much would that be? (Apologize- I keep going back and forth between hollow body and another LP)...
  7. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    Good problem to have... is your collection posted?
  8. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    One can NEVER have too many guitars!
  9. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    Your comments and feedback are very helpful- as I think this through. I did get a chance to play it, and honestly , it did nothing for me. )Nothing at all like the ES125 did for me years ago in only 30 seconds I was like, “This is IT!” ) The only reason I stopped to consider it was the good...
  10. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    Thank you- very helpful. So with what I explained about this deal- worth it? Or better to save for a Gibson?
  11. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    Thank You....Nice I’m new to Samick as I have always been told Gibson, Fender and Martin are the only ones that hold value. Guess that’s not true after seeing all these comments- very helpful...thank you...
  12. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    Understood, I’m the same way, which is why I’m trying to be cautious. I noticed no issues, the $371, came from a 25% discount Christmas sale he’s having...original price was $495...
  13. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    cherry with white binding...
  14. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    Thank you- it’s a Samick San450, updated original post.... it still has plastic on pickguard, literally never touched. Sry, wasn’t able to get pics while I was largest question is value, never like to lose money on a guitar....
  15. Wildman

    Samick ES335 Copy

    Hello All! So, in my search for a poor mans hollow body a local shop has a 2000 San450- 335 copy with original hard shell case, mint- literally brand new untouched for $371. Is this a good deal? He claims the resale value is $475? thanks!
  16. Wildman Grote China?

    So- in my search for the poor mans es125, stumbled across this one. It has great reviews on YouTube- was sold on Amazon, but- no longer. The problem is I can’t tell if is legit or not? The price and specs all match, but concerned about being scammed. What do you think about...
  17. LP- Studio

    LP- Studio

  18. D2E70B09-69AB-4EF2-81B8-752472E63910.jpeg


  19. Wildman

    Es 125t or 335 copy?

    Would you know how this compares to the Samick 335 copy? About the same...

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