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  1. freak

    Would you have like the 'old' you?

    And by old you, I mean your younger self. Been thinking a bit.....not sure why though. I'm 56. My father passed at 52, after an 8 year battle with cancer. When he passed, I think I was all of 27. I really thought he lived a good, long life. Once I got to be 50, I realized, I was still...
  2. freak

    Beatles roof top concert

    Thought this was cool. Figure I would share as others might find it interesting. I've never seen it before (although everyone has heard about it i am sure)
  3. freak

    The British are flying, the British are flying!

    Seriously cool....... Watch a UK Marine Jetpack onto Speeding Ship, Pull Out Gun (
  4. freak

    attempted armored car heist in South Africa video footage

    Dramatic video shows the crew of an armored car dodging bullets and making a daring escape from an armed heist (
  5. freak

    Bogner red pedal

    Barely used. Comes with box, and manuals. Built in boost, plenty of knobs. $150 PayPal and shipped. Shipped to lower 48 only.
  6. freak

    Blackout Fuzz bear pedal.

    Hard to find pedal. good shape. Have original box (albeit with a coffee stain on it). Not really a fuzz guy. let's say $200 shipped, but if you can find one on line for a better price, I will match it, within reason. Shipping to the US only. Open to reasonable offers, no trades please.
  7. freak

    Acoustic duo PA advice

    So, my singer and i are looking to do an acoustic thing on the side. I know nothing of PA systems. I do have a fishman loud box, so my needs are set, guitar wise, but we need something for vocals. Just small, outdoor gigs, maybe some indoor ones at some point. Nothing crazy. Any suggestions...
  8. freak

    WTB-Mad Professor Golden Cello

    Not happy with what is on reverb right now. May even be able to work out a trade of some sort. Thanks.
  9. freak

    2020 Fender players series strat

    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar 2020 Fender players series strat. Please add to the discussion here.
  10. freak

    New fender day

    Just got it last night. Getting a set up today. Players series. Case was separate. Sweetwater and thier no interest for 36 months kinda made me do it. 'Kinda'.
  11. freak

    Need help on a website

    So, After finally deciding on a name for our new band, I want to build a website. I already have the Domain name for the next year. I googled, and was sent to wix. I'm having some problems. I'm not the most tech savvy person, so I need easy. I'd like it to be able to host some pictures, some...
  12. freak

    So our washing machine broke

    And my wife is devastated. I liken it to losing a guitar to a head stock break, or blowing an amp head. She would tell me to NEVER put anything on the was hers. I joked that guitar playing was my hobby, washing clothes was hers. She never said I was wrong:dunno: Anybody else's...
  13. freak

    Are Marshall 1960's A or B really the best cabinet?

    I mean, they are priced as such......I have an opportunity to purchase a used one, a little beat up but that's ok. I am going to check the speakers out tomorrow (should be celestions gt75's?) Is it that much better than a Marshall MX cab? I would probably trade in my cab, or bring them home and...
  14. freak

    A strat, a Rat, and a twin reverb.....

    Sound incredible!:eek2:
  15. freak

    Good acoustic duo songs

    I hate starting new threads..... Anyway, the keyboardist in my band (who sings half our songs) and myself (who sings, barely 5) are looking into doing an acoustic/electric thing. He will do most of the singing obviously, I'll try some, (I can do a lousy Neil Young) and were shooting around...
  16. freak

    Need some help motorheads.......

    So here is my car. I am looking to upgrade the rims. I know we have a lot of 'car guys and girls' here, so I am asking for your input. I've narrowed it down (I think) to these 3 (below) curious what everyone's thoughts and input is, and if you could, why? I'm obviously looking for that 'old...
  17. freak

    New Epiphone day

    Picked this up from sweetwater. I have been wanting a guitar to match the color of my soul and I found one. Classic 57 pickups, re strung and set up with 9-46 strings.. Great player. Very happy.
  18. freak

    New Epiphone day

    So I went in to my local gc last night, to get some work done on a guitar I had just brought. Decided to noodle around a bit, and picked up an Epiphone. Picked up this Limited Edition Plus top Pro. It caught my eye because I used to have a Desert Burst Les Paul. I could not put this thing...
  19. freak

    Archer Ikon, EP booster for sale

    re doing my rig, and could use the cash to help off set the cost. first up, an Archer Ikon. I did gig with it, as it was a staple on my board for a year. the back show the effects of me taking off the Velcro. $150. shipped. Next up is an ep booster. limited edition. I think 299/1500...
  20. freak

    wtb marshall footswitch

    Picked up a used dsl 100 head this weekend. unhappily it has no footswitch, so I am looking for one. if anyone has one for sale or trade, please let me know. thanks

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