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  1. entresz

    A bit of Les Paul tribute

    Hello everyone, Had a bit of free time last weekend and thought it would be fun to multi-track record a tune. Had been listening to a lot of Les Paul that day, as well as an album by George Barnes called "Guitars Galore" and got a bit inspired. I did the rhythm guitar on my Gretsch...
  2. entresz

    Good solid state amps

    My favourite amp is my Quilter Aviator Twin Ten. Super light weight, but has the sweetest tone. Unlike most SS amps, the overdrive is superb. I don't use any O/D pedals with this amp, it's that good. I love tube amps, but this amp leaves many of them for dead.
  3. entresz

    amp suggestions 2x10 combo w/good headroom

    Quilter Aviator Twin Ten.... LOADS of headroom, but can break up as early as you wish by using the master volume. They're a class D solid state amp, but they sound like a tube amp. They also don't weigh much.
  4. entresz

    Strings: Wound 3rd appreciation thread

    I use wound Gs on all my guitars. I have a real hard time trying to keep a plain G in tune, I don't know whether it's down to poor technique on my part, but it is always out of tune, particularly within chords. I am a jazz guitarist primarily, but I do play a lot of other music too, even on...
  5. entresz

    Guitars And Their Definitive Sound

    Gretsch to me = doink Archtop jazz guitar= thunk
  6. entresz

    Ever do a gig with an oddball guitar?

    I do loads of gigs using my 1977 Gibson L6-S. It's a sunburst one with ebony fingerboard. It gets used largely for jazz gigs. A lot of people use Telecasters as an alternative to an archtop jazz guitar. I have a nice Telecaster, but for jazz the Gibson L6-S is far better. Another cool thing...
  7. entresz

    Best Hum-Cancelling Tele pups

    Bill Lawrence Micro-Coils are my fav Tele pickups. They're 'almost' noiseless ; they are still single coils, but use a much smaller coil and have almost no discernible hum.
  8. entresz

    Very best pickups you've ever heard or played.

    Best humbuckers I have used ; Bill Lawrence L-90; PAF like, but with a really sweet chimey top end. Gibson L6-S 'Superhumbuckers'; Fat sounding , but almost single coil clarity. A bit like a Filtertron in some ways. Gibson Tim Shaw- For big fat sounds this thing is great. It sounded...
  9. entresz

    Good solid state amps for hollow body jazz

    I'm a jazz guitarist, my main amp is a Quilter Aviator Twin Ten. Very light, loads of headroom ,and great tone. It's a good amp for pretty much everything actually. Doesn't sound like a solid state amp at all. Another amp I'm very partial to is my 1976 Peavey Session 400. The Session 400 is a...
  10. entresz

    Any "no stomp box" purists?

    I don't use any pedals most of the time, but it's not because I'm a purist. Most of my gigs are jazz/blues gigs where I'm playing clean. Any amp with a good clean sound and a nice reverb is all I need for most of my gigs. If I am using overdrive I don't usually need a pedal, my Quilter Aviator...
  11. entresz

    Real spring reverb?

    I've got a Boss '63 Reverb pedal. I really like it. It can be really nice and subtle if wanted or very full on surf sounding too.
  12. entresz

    Pimped out my marauder

    I've always had a soft spot for these. I borrowed one from a friend for a while and it was a terrific sounding guitar.
  13. entresz

    Top 5 Humbuckers You've Used

    My favourites are 1) Bill Lawrence (Wilde) L-90 2) Gibson "Super Humbucker" (as fitted to the Gibson L6-S guitar) 3) Gibson T-Top 4) Gibson Classic 57 I can't think of more than those -- The Lawrence's are particularly outstanding- like a super open sounding PAF.
  14. entresz

    Why is Peavey the red headed step child?

    I've got a few Peaveys- 1985ish Bandit 65 (1x12 , 65watts) 1976 Session 400 (1x15, 210 watts) 1985/6 Programax 10 (2x12, 210 watts) they are very good amps for clean guitar. The session 400 in particular is easily as good as a Fender Twin for that purpose. There's something about the big round...
  15. entresz

    What's up with relicing Gibson?

    I'm not a fan of relicing, but I do admit some of the custom shop lightly aged guitars do look pretty authentic. It's not my cup of tea, but I can see why people like them.
  16. entresz

    Sg vs Les paul.

    Biggest thing that makes an SG sound different to a Les Paul IMO is the neck pickup positioning. A standard SG has a gap between the fingerboard and the neck pickup- you could fit an extra two frets there. The neck pickup is placed where a 24 fret neck would end. It means that the neck pickup on...
  17. entresz

    Ever get seller's remorse?

    I had a Roland JC-120 that I should not have sold. It was massive, very heavy, and nowhere near as loud as it's weight and size would indicate, but it had one of the sweetest jazz clean sounds.
  18. entresz

    NGD Classic Custom 3

    The L-5 style headstock looks very nice.
  19. entresz

    Why are American Guitars Superior?

    In my experience, for overall playability, appearance and tone it's the Japanese made guitars that are the best. My Gretsch Synchromatic 400 which is made in Japan is one of the best made guitars I've seen. Absolutely flawless, and tone to die for. My MIJ 62 Custom Telecaster is also superb...
  20. entresz

    Two new low watt Peavey MicroHeads being released.

    The classic 20 looks great, very interested to see how much they will cost.

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