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  1. RickRandom

    Input Jack Replacement Question

    If the jack or some other part is crackling, trying hosing it down with De-Oxit before replacing any parts.
  2. RickRandom

    what are some of the other fingerboard materials used on Gibsons in the last 10 years or so?

    Some of the acoustic Gibsons have walnut fingerboards.
  3. RickRandom

    should a'65 sg jr have a orange drop cap or an oil in paper black beauty?

    '65 it was usually a ceramic disk capacitor
  4. RickRandom

    Vintage Two Prong Amps & "Death Caps"

    Unexpectedly detailed answer: On the specific model and year of Gibson Skylark amp in OP's photo, the "death cap" is usually a black cylindrical Sprague brand capacitor with red lettering on the side. Other brands were sometimes used. The electrical specs of the capacitor are .022 uF at 600...
  5. RickRandom

    Gov't Mule - Essential albums?

    Skip the studio albums and go straight to the live recordings. That's where they really shine.
  6. RickRandom

    Melody Maker Appreciation Thread~

    I like playing the one on the far right, but mostly just because it has humbuckers with coil tap switches added. The 70's Melody Makers have a more comfortable SG-style neck joint, a volute on the back of the headstock, better factory tuners, tune-o-matic bridge instead of wraparound bridge...
  7. RickRandom

    Melody Maker Appreciation Thread~

    I'll just leave this here.
  8. RickRandom

    Worst Amp You've had. Best Amp You've Had. Simple Post.

    Worst: 1974 Peavey Musician 400 Best: 1984 Marshall 2204
  9. RickRandom

    Is this a fake 1959 melody maker?

    It's legit but beat to sh!t.
  10. RickRandom

    500T magnet swap

    Putting an A5 in a 500T essentially turns it into a 498T, which is great if you happen to like the 498T sound. :dude:
  11. RickRandom

    what the sam hill is this?

    The binding in the cutaway doesn't cover the maple cap. That's normal for an R0.
  12. RickRandom

    Arrogant License Plates

  13. RickRandom

    How many Chibsons are out there??

    I don't know how many, but I know where I'd like to put all of them. :D
  14. RickRandom

    Drinking Songs / Songs about drinking
  15. RickRandom

    if the pickup toggle had to be in one position forever, what position would you pick?

    What is this "pickup toggle" you speak of? :D :D (pic swiped from Google image search, not mine)
  16. RickRandom

    Pickguard for a Les Paul Special Double Cut

    Les Paul Special Double Cutaway Pickguards - $29 and up
  17. RickRandom

    What's it worth?

    I second that.
  18. RickRandom

    I want

    It's the best thing they've done in decades :dude:

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