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  1. blind radish

    SOLD 2014 Fender Special Run FMT Standard Stratocaster

    Putting this out as a feeler. I just got this one it. Plays beautifully, easy on the back, great flexibility with the SSH. This is a GC original Fender Special Run. Only 350 made so rare. This one is in mint shape, save a little haze on the gold input jack and the gold neck plate. If I keep...
  2. blind radish

    SOLD 2005 SG Classic

    I have a near mint 2005 SG Classic in a Gibson hard case. Not much to say about this guitar EXCEPT no neck dive. I know, hard to believe. SOLD No PayPal -- sorry. Only Bank Check or Postal Money order. More pix here:
  3. blind radish


    Do you want a real Les Paul Junior, but not have to pay $1500? I have decided to sell my Epi LQ Junior. Looks, sounds, plays and feels like a vintage JR. She is a player, but no cracks, breaks or issues whatsoever. Pix here: GONE GIRL Japan...
  4. blind radish


    Hey folks, I have some bills coming due so I am moving a few things out. One I think might ring a bell for some on MLP is a Harley Benton Les Paul Junior. It's mint -- as new. $250 shipped. Postal Money order only -- NO PayPal, sorry. Body: Mahogany Set-in mahogany neck Amaranth fretboard...
  5. blind radish

    TRADED 2018 Les Paul Classic Player Plus

    This LP is near mint. Plays great. Sings like a bird. No issues. Has two tiny nicks near the input jack, otherwise, as new. Comes with OHSC and case candy. TRADED MORE Photos: Body Body shape: Single cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material...
  6. blind radish

    TRADED: 1976 Fender Stratocaster - A Real Road Dog

    TRADED I've got a 76 Fender Strat that is what many describe as "Player" condition. But it's more than that -- it appears to be a road dog, although I am not the person who took it on the road. I got this in a trade, and have decided not to hang onto it. Collectors, turn your eyes away! The...
  7. blind radish

    Somebody has a thing for P90s

    Love these girls ....
  8. blind radish

    '89 MIJ 54 Reissue Hardtail Stratocaster | SOLD

    I have a nice MIJ 54 Reissue Hardtail Stratocaster. SOLD The guitar is in 8 out of 10 condition. It's been played, but loved. Only change is the black plastics, but I have the original MIJ white plastics. Comes in a gig bag. I will let the pictures do the talking ...
  9. blind radish

    No Longer Available

    No longer on the market
  10. blind radish

    TRADE SG Junior for Pelham SG Special

    I know this is a longshot, but I would trade a dead mint 2018 SG Junior for a 2018 SG Special in Pelham blue. Not interested in a sale, nor trading for anything but a Pelham SG Special
  11. blind radish

    Trade War and used guitar prices

    Is it just me, or are prices on used guitars going through the roof. I am not singling out individuals of individual forums but models that are normally within the reach of my finances, no longer are. What gives? Trade War fever?
  12. blind radish


    Just acquired a 2019 GC version Honeyburst Special, and I feel complete again. Here is the story: ... and here is the guitar.
  13. blind radish

    Super Fiesta Red Stratocaster SOLD

    Super playable, mint, partscaster 2011 Fender MIM Neck C shape 9.5 Radius 2010 Fender Squier Simon Neil Signature Stratocaster body ... Alder ... hardware GFS Vintage Alnico Prewired Guard and Pickups Set up by Clay at the Guitar Shop in Tarpon Springs .. This is extremely playable. No case...
  14. blind radish

    The Post Tool box is broken!! Any reason?

    Hey guys I have noticed in the last week that the tool box above this posting window has been deactivated. The only item available for use is the BB toggle wheel. So you can't bold-face, add a link, image, video etc. Any reason this is happening?
  15. blind radish

    SOLD: 2017 Fender Deluxe Thinline Telecaster

    Hey folks, I have a sweet Fender Deluxe Thinline Tele guitar that is dead mint, but I am just not playing it. I'd like to get SOLD shipped, or, trade for a relic strat OR an Esquire tele. These Deluxe MIM models are $900 plus new and this is AS NEW. I swapped the modern fender six saddle...
  16. blind radish

    Found .... all set

    I am all set on this request.
  17. blind radish

    2011 Gibson Les Paul Junior Pelham Blue | SOLD

    Oh Lord I am absolutely sure I am going to regret this, but I need to bring some cash back to Papa. 2011 Les Paul Junior Pelham Blue SOLD Upgraded with Gotoh/Wilkinson wraparound bridge for better intonation Tonepros locking studs Grover tuners Bare Knuckle P-90 CTS pots, Jensen cap Comes...
  18. blind radish

    SOLD | Epiphone Sheraton II - Upgraded TO THE HILT

    Manufactured in 2002 in Korea The Epiphones made during these years from Korea that have the Gibson truss rod covers are considered some of the best Epiphones on the market. This guitar is in excellent, near mint shape, with no nicks, scratches or issues. Comes in hard case. $650 shipped The...
  19. blind radish

    SOLD: '96 Les Paul Special

    She is a player but a GREAT player. '96 Les Paul Special. 60s neck, under 9 pounds. Comes with hard after-market gator case. Beautiful see-through finish ... not evident in this image. I need $800 will split shipping costs. Price reduced, again, $750 shipped Postal Money Order or cashier's...
  20. blind radish

    SOLD 1992 Wayne's World MIJ Stratocaster

    This is a player's Excalibur .. all original except the pickguard and upgraded Fender 57/62 pickups $400 shipped in USA More images here

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