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  1. BuzzHaze

    Lung Cancer & Death

    After a 14hr hospital marathon, I was told I have terminal lung cancer. It's spread to other parts of my body and there's no cure. They're giving me months to live at best.....maybe less. man.....I am in shock. What the hell am I going to do? :Ohno:
  2. BuzzHaze

    Hate that when it happens

    I am craving some good spaghetti and meat sauce. I go to a well known Italian place down the street, order out and get home. UMMMMM smells good but talk about BLAND. I cover it with salt and pepper but it doesn't seem to help. Dang, $20 down the tubes. It tasted like something from the freezer...
  3. BuzzHaze

    That Strat sound - Hold Me Close

    It's kind of thin but I love it all the same. Check it out
  4. BuzzHaze

    No credit is almost bad credit

    Sux when you don't have a lot of credit history. Over the last 7 years, I have had no need to borrow or use credit so when I went to get a newer vehicle today, I was told I am going to have to jump through a lot of hoops to get the car loan. I have over half the amount available for a down...
  5. BuzzHaze

    Acoustic perfection - Chet Atkins/Don McLean

    This song is just beautiful. Thought I'd share it.
  6. BuzzHaze

    Curley Cords

    Anyone still use curly cords? I have a few but don't use them as much anymore until I bought a few SG's and then I had to bring them out again. An SG needs a curly cord in order to sound like an SG
  7. BuzzHaze

    Boss JS-10

    Anyone else have one of these little practise boxes? It's amazing. It has a ton of quality pre-loaded songs and amp sims. Naturally it has a ton of nice effects included. It's great for quick warm-ups before gigs as it's very portable. You can plug 2 instruments into it and jam away all night...
  8. BuzzHaze

    LED Picks

    Really? :rolleyes:
  9. BuzzHaze

    Lost another Gibson my Grandson Ryder. He loves red guitars and now he has claimed my SG as well as my 2001 Wine Red Standard. Oh well, he's going to get them all someday anyway :laugh2: He's a hard rocker. I tune them in open E and he uses a slide. He can play Tush, Cat Scratch Fever, Smoke on the Water and...
  10. BuzzHaze

    A song I wrote for my Dad

    One of the biggest musical influences in my life, he passed in 87.
  11. BuzzHaze

    Ever write a song with your Mom? I did....

    She's 80 and still has it. Calling: Thanks for listening
  12. BuzzHaze

    Teh song that made want to be a drummer

    CLASSIC!!!!!! What song inspired you to play a certain instrument? Post it here
  13. BuzzHaze

    SG with a 300K & 500K

    I bought an SG with P90's and the bridge volume pot cuts out at 8 or so. I got it on sale and since they are sold out, I can't really swap it for a new one. I figure it's no big deal since the pot is only about $13. I tried to get a 300K replacement but the shop only has 500K's in stock so I'm...
  14. BuzzHaze

    Cool drawing of me playing a Goldtop

    My sister did a drawing of me playing a Goldtop. I think it's pretty cool Original photo: Drawing:
  15. BuzzHaze

    NGD - Goldtop P90

    Just picked this up today. An amazing deal on a brand new 2013 50's Tribute Les Paul Goldtop with P90's. Goes perfectly with the SG Tribute I picked up yesterday. Both on sale. I'm all P90'd up :)
  16. BuzzHaze

    NGD - SG with P90's

    Landed a new 2013 SG 50's Tribute with P90's. $399 out of the box. Not a bad deal. Sounds amazing. Very light-weight with a nice size neck.
  17. BuzzHaze

    Best Pickup Truck Poll

    Who makes the best pickup truck? I'm in the market for one and I like the Ford F150 but the Chevys seem nice too. What's your opinion?
  18. BuzzHaze

    I have a few questions

    If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes? Why isn't there mouse-flavored catfood? Why do they sterilize needles used for lethal injections? Why is it called a TV "set" when you only get one of them? :hmm::hmm::hmm::hmm: Any questions?
  19. BuzzHaze

    Strymon Flint Reverb/Tremolo

    I just got a hold of an Orange amp so I figured a Rev/Trem pedal would round things up. I really like the sound of the Flint. I like the fact that it has 2 vintage sounding effects in one pedal. I don't use tremolo very often but I probably would if I had this one. The reverb will get plenty of...
  20. BuzzHaze

    NAD - Orange OR15

    I finally landed an Orange tube amp. I stood in line in the freezing cold to take advantage of a sale at Long & McQuades and got the only one they had in stock. I have to say, I LOVE THIS AMP!!! Sure, it's only a 15w amp but the tone is pure vintage rock. It pegs everything from Sabbath, Zep...

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