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  1. palmerfralick

    Import duty

    In the past I have bought a few things from Japan. Probably nothing in almost 10 years though. My son just bought an old (aren't they all) Leica M3 camera from a seller in Japan. I was surprised he had to pay a 10% import duty on the camera. I tried to research this in the US Customs very...
  2. palmerfralick

    2021 R8 neck profile

    Guitar Center Atlanta had at least 2 each new R8, R9 and R0's. I played a plain top lemon R8 and was very surprised at the neck size. It was more like a beefy R9. Very comfortable very playable. I had not picked up an R8 in quite a while because the profile was much bigger than I'm accustomed...
  3. palmerfralick


    I'm Afraid The Strain was more than he could Bear.
  4. palmerfralick

    Delete listings??? perplexed

    I've never sold anything in the classifieds so I have ask, is it that hard to delete the listing after you sell something? why all the "please delete" messages? and why does the mod ignore these requests for deletion?
  5. palmerfralick

    Big 70

    I'm close to a year away from my 70th birthday. I love baseball and enjoy references to the game to describe life sequences. So with that, I feel I'm way past the 7th inning stretch and I am now looking over my shoulder to see who's warming up in the bullpen. might make a good meme but I'm not...
  6. palmerfralick

    Penguin shoots poop over 4 feet

    In a new study Really Who Knew? researchers have observed penguins passing poop projectiles over 4 feet. The distance would equate to a human being able to spoill a target over 10 feet away. Gives a whole new meaning to social distancing !
  7. palmerfralick

    Peterson Strobostomp

    Got it used for a decent price. Really like it especially the guitar sweetening tuning mode. But it's got more functions on it than I could ever use. I could see it as a necessary for a pro guitar tech though.
  8. palmerfralick

    Bonamassa's Silverface Champ

    As an owner of a 1978 Vibro Champ I was very interested in Joe B's tone in the Guitarist video interview they did backstage with Joe. I know he can be polarizing to many but the tone he was able to achieve using his Champ miced up in an adjacent bathroom with no effects except the reverb the...
  9. palmerfralick

    P12N with my DSLHR20

    I have been using my DSL20 with a very old, from the late 60s Marshall 4X12 with original greenbacks. Great sound. On a whim I connected my 5E3 speaker using the 8 ohm input on the DSL. maybe it's the open back 5E3 cabinet or it's the Jensen P12N but I'm really liking the sound from this setup...
  10. palmerfralick

    1952 style speed knobs

    Bought these at WD they might stay might not. These are the tall boys style speed knobs used only in 1952 I think. anyway makes swells easy. look like little shot glasses
  11. palmerfralick

    Pure Kossoff

    Put this here because it was recorded using a Burst. I can't believe only 15000 views, at least 30 are mine. For us Koss fanatics If you have not seen it's worth a view or 2. I usually skip to 2:33 to hear the tone that's stuck in my head and his vibrato technique is here in all it's glory
  12. palmerfralick

    ABR Facing backwards

    Is this a thing now to have an ABR-1 bridge with the adjustment screws facing away from the bridge pickup? I have been looking for a new (used) guitar for a few weeks now and have seen quite a few Historics and USA guitars that do not have a Nashville bridge they have an ABR and the bridge...
  13. palmerfralick

    Buckethead Studio Les Paul stolen in Atlanta

    Last 4 digits of serial number are 0640. Any help is appreciated. Was punched from Sweetwater so I have all the paperwork.
  14. palmerfralick

    What amps does Gibson use to test new pickup designs?

    Took out my set of Custom Shop Pearly Gates and re-installed the Gibson 59 Tributes that came with my 2015 Traditional. I have a DSL20HR now that I really like and was curious what difference the 59's would make. So far very pleased with the lower gain 59's. I now have much more adjustment on...
  15. palmerfralick

    Nashville Flooding Again

    I hope Gibson made elevation changes after the last flood.
  16. palmerfralick

    Shaved Neck

    We all have read how some of the old guys like Page and Walsh had the necks of their bursts shaved down. If I decided the reshape the back contour of my R8 is that a big deal? what's an approximate price to take an R8 down to a slimmer R9 profile? Thanks in advance. And no I don't want to sell...
  17. palmerfralick

    New Standard VS Recent Traditional

    For those that have owned or own both what are your impressions of the differences between the two? When the new Standard was first announced I thought they were in essence the same guitar as the new Standard was released and the Traditional was dropped.
  18. palmerfralick

    Hitler struggles to nail Steve Ray's tone

  19. palmerfralick

    MojoTone battling the flood

    Their phone goes immediately to voice mail advising they are doing everything to open. They said they will not be shipping anything before Monday the 24th. Damn I hope is wasn't too bad.

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